Friday, 21 May 2010

Lost - UK Finale Air Date & Time

Just a short update for all my fellow UK fans.

The finale will be shown simultaneously to the American time.

Sky 1, Monday 24th May 2010, 5am to 7:30am.  Set your alarm clocks early, or host an all-night Lost party - take the day off work, do WHATEVER it takes, but watch Lost with the rest of the world!!

A whopping 8 countries will be simultaneously watching Lost on the "23rd" (see what they did with the numbers there?) - the U.S., the U.K., Italy, Spain, Portugal, Israel, Turkey and Canada.  You'd think they planned it this way!

Oh wait, they did. For months now ABC and Darlton have been saying they wished the entire world to view Lost simultaneously, hence the move to such a weird date. However, for some unknown reason, Sky in the U.K. were late to the party. Their loss in viewing figures and advertising revenues for this blatant tardiness are not my concern - I'm just glad the news finally broke that we will be getting the finale at the same time as everyone else!

For those that can't handle the early morning / late night, the show will be repeated twice - Tuesday 25th May 2010 at 9pm and again on Friday 28th May 2010 at 9pm.

And finally, for the sceptics that think I am making this up - here is some source for you all. Enjoy.

(This news brings forward the final Lost Blogging Collective Q&A by a few days, but hopefully we will still get a good turnout for the final few.)

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