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Lost Blogging Collective Q&A - Week 12

Aloha all, very sorry for the tardiness - real life, yadda yadda. Let's put it behind us and move on with the Q&A which should hopefully make it to the end of the series without any more hiccups (cross your fingers and toes everyone!).

Here are the questions and the answers =) enjoy!

1) Sayid has made some difficult choices in the past. Is there hope for him yet? Did he kill Desmond? Does he deserve a happy ending? Do you even WANT to see him redeemed?

2) Jack has to make some difficult choices ahead. He seems pretty certain that thwarting Smokey is the right thing to do, and that this will be accomplished by him staying on the Island. Will he remain on the Island if it means that no-one else can leave? Will he remain on the Island if it means that David ceases to exist on any dimension, assuming he learns of his existence?

1) There is hope for Sayid. He will probably never be the same man he was, but what's left of him will be able to acknowledge this and (I'm guessing) sacrifice himself for what the man he used to be thought was right. Anyone willing to redeem themselves, deserves a happy ending, but at this point, going out on the side of "good" is all I think Sayid will be able to attain.

2) I think Jack now intends to stay on-Island until he knows exactly why he was brought there - no matter what the consequences are for himself or the others. Regarding David -- I was recently going back and forth in my head over whether the show's endgame will be the end of the Altered Universe to save the Original Timeline or whether it will be the death of the Original Timeline with the characters having their memories OT memories in the Altered Universe. In interviews, Darlton have described what they want the tend to feel like: and I believe the tones bittersweet, beautiful, and/or moving were indicated in those interviews. This tone seems entirely appropriate to me, so the thought that everyone might go on happily ever after in the AU at the end no matter how much tragedy takes place in the OT doesn't really sit well with me. It would be far more bittersweet, profound, and moving if the characters willingly sacrifice their (happier) AU existences to accept the reality of what goes down in the OT - rain or shine - things as they were meant to be. If this is the case, everyone's going to have a tough choice on their hands, but Jack more than anyone. But at this point, I think he's ready to make the ultimate sacrifice. Bye-bye, David...

Paul @ Room 23

1) I believe that there is hope still for Sayid, I really doubt that Sayid shot Desmond, but if he by chance did, it could be that that well holds the energy that has caused all of the healings on the island and that Desmond would be healed right after being shot, which would also help to shock Sayid out of his MIB control. But ether way this show is about redemption and one way or another Sayid will receive some sort of redemption. I could see/speculate him making some grand sacrifice to save the remaining candidates thus buying his redemption and helping him to be with Nadia in the afterlife.

2) I would assume that since Lost is about a battle of good vs evil Jack will need to do a number of things in order to stop MIB. I would assume that he will become aware of the Alt world and will have to some how ether choose between the two or to combine them. While a difficult decision I have faith that he will ultimately make the correct decision. I would guess that whatever the outcome there will be a chance in the end for some to leave and some to stay though.

1) In regards to Sayid, I think there is still hope for him.  I do not think he killed Desmond and because he somehow managed to fight the "evil within" to do that, I think he might be okay.  Or he might be killed off sometime before the end.  I think that I would like to either see Sayid redeemed and happy or see him killed in a heroic way.

2) When Jack makes up his mind about a decision, he has always been hell-bent on seeing that decision through.  (i.e., "We have to go back Kate!!!")  Jack thinks he is not supposed to leave the island, but if it means everyone else cannot leave either (if that is, in fact, what THEY want to do) I think he would struggle with that.  If on-island Jack discovers David, however, I think that would be enough to change his mind especially after the last episode, where it seemed like he and David were finally connecting.  That is something he seriously lacked with his own father, so I think he would do anything to have that with his own son.

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