Saturday, 30 January 2010

Friday Fight Night - Glasgow Snippets

Unfortunately, I missed the majority of this week's Friday Fight Night - Live In Bellahouston, Glasgow (my hometown).

I did manage to catch the final 3 rounds of the 10-round Scottish SuperBantamweight championship bout between 23yr old David Savage (now 10(2)-0-0) and 31yr old Gavin Reid (finishing the night at 6(3)-5(1)-1). From what I saw, both fighters put in tremendous effort and workrate, but the grabbing was very sloppy (I kept anticipating either of the two to exit the ring via the ropes at any moment). Savage in particular was disappointing in this aspect.

However, I think the Sky Sports commentator put it well when he described Reid as a man clutching for lottery tickets - he was throwing far more punches towards the end, hoping for a lucky shot, while Savage was picking his shots and making them count.

The post-fight statistics showed Savage threw more, landed more and had a higher punch connection percentage, so there can be no arguing with the referee's judgement in awarding him the title. I scored the final 3 rounds 29-28 to Savage, identical to the Sky Sports unofficial judgecard.

I also caught the 20-second "highlights" reel from Lee McAllister (27yr 31(7)-2(1)-0)'s Commonwealth Lightweight defense against Samual Amoako (6(1)-1(0)-0). From what I saw, and heard post-fight, the most interesting thing about this fight was McAllister's fashion style (a bright red triple-mohawk, bright red tribal tattoo and matching shorts) as opposed to his boxing style. Hopefully he shakes this off and continues on his match to European dominance. Scotland could do with an easily identifiable, but more importantly a good, boxer in this age of Khan and Haye.

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