Monday, 25 January 2010

Weekly Website - DarkUFO


Where to begin with DarkUFO?

Arguably the catalyst to the explosion of the Lost-fandom, and certainly the blogging scene, Dark has consistently provided a collection of the broad spectrum of Lost-fandom - from video podcasts, to blogs, to the latest spoilers.

It is in this area that DarkUFO sprung to infamy when a person by the name of "Lostfan108" approached the webite with intricate details of the ending of Season 3. DarkUFO, after consulting his readership, decided to print these spoilers, causing the "radio silence" of the up-until-that-point-minor-spoiler-happy Lost creative team. It is of no suprise to learn that Dark also runs

Mild controversy aside, Dark's service to the Lost fandom is incredible, having regularly provided a base for any Lost fan to begin their travels amongst the various blogs, sites and collectives on the web. Regularly updated, and very well populated with regular contributors and fans, this is a major stop along the internet roadmap of Lost fan sites.

(DarkUFO is also a part of my Lost Blogging Collective - please click for more info.)

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