Monday, 18 January 2010

Lost Theory - LA X (or LA VV (or LA IIIIIIIIII))

I have been intentionally trying to avoid all SPOILERS!! related to Lost Season 6. Last year, I felt robbed at having seen a snippet of Jack in a Dharma suit and piecing together that (don't read if you haven't yet seen Season 5) the survivors would be thrown back in time to live among the Dharma folks, and that this would result in them creating their own past - the Incident, Ben joining the Others, etc.

I may not claim to have prophesied all the pieces, but in that one single snapshot, I sure saw how the game of Season 5 was going to play out.

Now, again, with Season 6 (and I warn there are slight SPOILERS!! ahead), I believe I have a fair idea of the gist of the game. Again. :(

It should be no surprise to you to know that "Destiny Calls" this year, and that many of the promos for Season 6 show almost every character posing together - Charlie (who I heard a long time ago would at least be making a cameo appearance this year, yay!), Mr Eko, Boone, Shannon, etc:

Everywhere I look, in magazines and newspapers that normally don't care in the slightest about Lost trivia and fandom, I see lines like "Returning Characters" and "The Secrets Of Season 6 Revealed!" I am trying my hardest to ignore all SPOILERS!! but even I know that the first episode will be called "LA X." So, obviously, putting 2 + 2 together, we get 4 = the series will reboot, and our Oceanic Flight 815 will land safe and sound in LAX. But wait, LAX... LA X.... LAX LA X.... there's something slightly out of place here.

Again, despite my best intentions, I have already seen people reach the same conclusion I have - that Los Angeles International Airport is specifically shortened to LAX, not LA X, as the title of of the episode so clearly is. So, what does that mean? Should we be reading this as LA TEN, or rather, The L.A. Ten?

That's how my fanatical, over-worked brain is reading it, and I wonder if you are too?

Now, what, or who, are these ten? My personal guess, and this (you will thankful to know) is a complete guess - all of the above is ALL that I know about Season 6.

My personal guess is that the flight will land at Los Angeles with all those on board who are alive as of the end of Season 5. I.e. no Jack, no Kate, no Sawyer, no Sayid. Everyone onboard who either died in the initial crash, or as a result of the events of Season 1 through 5, with the exception of the following ten, will have no memories of anything, no feeling of deja vu, nothing weird. They will simply land, perhaps notice there are a few people missing from the flight, but generally life will go on as normal. (The first wildcard in this theory is the Marshal escorting Kate, but I will get back to him).

Now, the following ten are special. These ten will land in L.A. will full memories, up to the point of their death. Whether they become Desmond-like psychics, or are simply aware of their past lives, is up for grabs. These ten have affected the Island in some way, either encountering the smoker monster, the Others, or otherwise impacting on events in at least a minor way. These ten include:

- The Pilot (death-by-smoke-monster).
- Charlie (where to start? Well, he killed Ethan, that's a good start).
- Locke (see above).
- Boone (or Paulo, there are many arguments to be made over both their involvement in the main storyline).
- Shannon (or Nikki).
- Mr Eko (again, death-by-Smokie).
- Ana-Lucia (general influence on events).
- Libby (stopped Hurley killing himself, Hurley is very important, thus Libby is by association).
- Michael (love him or hate him, he had a major role in events).
- ????

Now, there are a lot of room for variance here - for starters, many may feel Nikki and Paulo had nothing to do with Island events. Others may feel the same with regards to the Pilot. Should the Marshall be included? Other incidental characters, like Frogurt, had little to no impact on events so will land in L.A. unscathed, but what about Dr Arzt? (my argument is he did nothing to impact events, Jack and crew would have transported the dynamite to the hatch fine without him). Finally, there is the issue over Claire. I'm pooling for her being dead and my tenth (or, Mrs ????? if you will).

Basically, what I am trying to say is that this is a highly unrealistic, subjective, crazy crazy crazy idea - but you know what, it is my theory, and I like it for all its holes :) feel free to stab at it via the comments, just remember - no SPOILERS!!

At any rate, I recognise how out-there this theory is, and have prepared a back-up - the L.A. Ten are not people arriving in L.A., but rather people departing/based in L.A.. I'm about none less than the "they" that Jacob referenced are "coming". What do you think?

(By the by, for a magical, mythological, moving, secret island, there sure seems to be a lot of coming and going - Hostiles, Others, Dharma, Military, Mercenary, Not Penny's Boat, Penny's Boat, Desmond's Boat, Oceanic 6, Benry Gale, Juliet, them, they, etc etc!! They should start charging admission!!)

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