Saturday, 16 January 2010

Lost Season 6 Competition

Got a great link that I had to share with all you Lost fans:

Simply answer 3 questions about the end of Lost for your chance to win:

- Which major character will die?
- Who will Kate end up with romantically speaking?
- Which major twist etc will occur in the final episode to support your theory about how Lost will end?

From what I can gather, the Lost fanbase will be used to select who answers as close to the real deal as possible, so try not to be too vague or precise in your answers!

Now, lacklustre as the competition may be, the prize more than makes up for it - your chance to own 10 plots of very real land, on the very real island where Lost is filmed.

(The first catch is, these are small plots of land (land does cost a lot of money after all!) but, from what I can gather, they will form a larger, commemorative garden, which you will own part of.)

(The second catch is, you must enter via YouTube or Facebook. Not a great problem for most people, but just be aware you may need to sign up to either of these websites if you have not previously.)

And it is for that second reason that I haven't joined it - call me a dinosaur, but I haven't got a regularly managed YouTube account (although I am sure I do have one) and I have never, and probably will never, had a Facebook account (pick your jaws back up from the floor now please).

But, this competition does sound awesome so I felt I had to share!

Good luck to all.

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