Thursday, 14 January 2010

My Manifesto

Hi gang.

Originally, I had planned on blogging a range of subjects, each having their own dedicated blog - Scottish Tattoo Studios, Glaswegian Rock Bands, the TV show Lost (and the mysteries within), the latest news and gossip about all things geek (comics, shows, movies), extensive movie reviews, 5 word everything reviews, comic book reviews and general musings on life.

However, as any serious blogger will know (and is probably muttering to themselves right now) - the GOLDEN rule is simple - do NOT stretch yourself too far. When I began blogging, this seemed like a sincere, achievable goal. However, as soon as life began catching up to me, the blogs had to go. One. By. One.

Until there were none.

Last night, an idea struck me. Catching the bug of Lost Season 6 hype, I began remembering, began theorising, and began getting the urge to blog again. But this is a new blog, a singular blog. A phoenix from the ashes. This, is a Stream Of Consciousness blog. I will cover all the topics I had previously set out to cover, however I will cover them as and when I feel like it. One day, I may wish to blog about comics, so I will blog about comics. One day, it may be Lost theories, so you will get Lost theories. Some days, I may blog about several things. Some days, none.

Previously, I had tried to create a professional, awesome, epic, perfect blog. Now, I am creating a more personal, rough-around-the-edges, fun blog. And that, my friends, is the way it should be done.

I hope you all find something to enjoy here. There will certainly be a lot to choose from.

- Chris
aka lostquestions23

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