Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Lost Poll - Favourite Season

Thoughts From Twitter

@WhimsyAndQuirk -  So far, my favorite is 6, then 5. :-)
@growlfI rather enjoyed S2. S6 is shaping up nicely as well.
@YaGottaBKiddnMe - I like THIS season, cuz we're finally getting answers :) And I think the flash sideways will end up being something really cool.
@LOST_BOSS - Season 1.
@SawyerandKate - Season 1.
@tomwilson23 - I am going to delay answering until this season is over cause i think the last episodes could push 6 into the lead.
@deanosaurasrex - so far season 2 but season 3 is damn good too!!
@erinava - season 1! Hated season 2!
@BunniesLRNow - At this point, I'm still a sentimental, Season One LOST nerd.
@Mediawill - Season 2—with Season 6 coming in a close second. That premiere with #Desmond in the #hatch was incredible.
@SDstream - @erinava lol so did I!
@buerschte - uhm... season 5 i think...
@DharmaOutlaw - Hmm that is a tough call. I like them all for different reasons. I will go with Season 2. For now.
@topseacrets - do i have to pick one??? cause... i like em all!!!!
@aouaLOST - one. 
@brunablackEither S1 or S5. Pure bliss.
@XmeshworkX - season 1!
@gothcakeSeason 3.
@hrbeck - #1
@jason_cherry - IMHO, LOST has gone downhill from the 1st episode. Was entertaining for a while, but this last seasons twists are disappointing

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