Saturday, 3 April 2010

Weekly Website - Lost Blog

By fans, for fans and about fans, that is the tagline for the Lost Blog, and it couldn't be more apt.

Run by an array of fun contributors, the Lost Blog comprises so much Lost stuff it even makes MY mind boggle! There's a "Tweet's O' The Day" section which collects the best Lost ramblings from Twitter (and on which I have featured occassionally). There's a fantastically full Interview section comprising artists, cast members, and fellow bloggers (and again, I have been lucky enough to be featured in that fantastic line-up).

There's a multitude of recaps and analysis. There's a weekly "We Re-Watch Lost" chatroom where everyone is invited to re-watch the latest episode of Lost and chat about it, which is then followed by "We Talk About Lost" which again is an open-invitation podcast to come chat about the latest episode.

In addition to this, there are hundreds of links to other Lost fan sites, as well as far too many internal links to mention - humour, competitions, videos, pictures, polls. Imagine a typical Lost fan site mixed with a typical Lost aggregate site, then given a large dose of steroids, and you'll have - fantastic fun, incredibly huge, and a great place to check out and contribute to.

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