Sunday, 4 April 2010

Lost - Where Are They Now - Kate

In this new segment, I try to quickly recap (in a few paragraphs, or less) the history and current placement of all the main characters - consider this a quick "Best Of".


She runs.

She killed her father. She runs. She confesses to her mother. She runs. She gets married. She runs. She kills her best friend. She runs. She bank-robs her best friend's toy aeroplane. She runs. She gets a job on a farm. She runs. She crashes on an Island. She runs. She encounters a Smoke Monster. She runs. She does a lot of running, so much so that she eventually runs onto a helicopter and gets back off the Island. A court orders her not to run. She tries not to run, to build a family with Jack and Jack's nephew Aaron, but her emotions cause her to run right back to the Island.

Where she runs some more. From the Temple, from Jack, to Sawyer, to Claire. In the alternative world, she runs from the authorities. She runs into Claire, runs away from Claire, runs back to Claire, then runs away again, before running into Sawyer, literally. With all this running, she should try out for the Olympic Games.

Currently caught between a rock and a hard place, with nowhere to run, Kate is forced to stay put and try to build relationships with all the insane, selfish and injured people around her. How long until she gives up and starts running again?

Current Location - Smokey's campsite.
Current Team Members - Sawyer, Jin, Cindy, Zack, Emma, unnamed Others, Sayid (debatable), Claire (debatable), Smokey (debatable).

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