Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Weekly Website - Fishbiscuitland

Although it would be a very close call between a truly exceptional group of blogs, if I was ever forced to choose my ultimate, favourite Lost website of Season 6, it would have to be Fishbiscuitland.

FBL's unique choice of writing style may be jarring for some, but for me it is perfect. Relying mostly on images, Fish weaves a wonderful weekly tale that is worthy of rivalling Lost's very own storyline. Her wonderful image selection and choice of quotes leads me to believe she has actually read every book written and seen every television show that has been created. Each time she posts, she manages to link Lost in with several other great stories - some obscure, some classical, some pop-culture and some mythological.

It helps to be a great consumer of stories to not only be a fan of Fishbiscuitland, but to Lost overall. However, like the TV show, it is not a necessity for enjoyment. Anyone can read a FBL post and take great pleasure in it - there are enough references, images and text to ensure that something will stick, even if not everyone will "get" ever link, but some of the metaphors are truly inspired.

It pains me to read FBL sometimes, as this is the type of blog that is so truly, utterly enjoyable that it makes me want to give up writing myself and simply devote all of my time to reading FBL archives over and over on a continuous loop. However, that feeling soon passes, and instead I am left feeling like FBL has raised the bar for other Lost bloggers like myself to try to live up to. I only hope that, out there somewhere, there is someone worthy enough to raise the bar even higher.

For now, please check out my favourite Lost blogger of the moment at fishbiscuitland.blogspot.com

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