Monday, 26 July 2010

Baseball Review - 26th June 2010

Aloha all and welcome to a new segment of Super Duper Stream. Herein is contained a spreadsheet detailing the current leaderboard across the MLB, showing overall winners, losers, Leagues, Divisions and my predictions for the next day's games.

A couple of interesting things to note about this table. First, each of the Leagues and Divisions are fairly well balanced. The fifth best National League team (Cincinnati Reds) are just above the fifth best American League team (Chicago White Sox) for instance. Only two Divisions have their 2nd place outwith the top 12 - National League East (Philadelphia Phillies) in 13th and American League West (Los Angeles Angels) in 16th.

[Current Leaders - New York Yankees (63.9%), Tampa Bay Rays (60.8%), San Diego Padres (59.8%), Texas Rangers (58.6%), Atlanta Braves (58.2%).]
Generally as you go down the table, Wins go down and Losses go up, however there are a few blips - Los Angeles Angels have an extra win and loss amongst their peers, while Cincinatti Reds have only an extra loss.

Onto my predictions. A few I may be sticking my neck out on the line for include predicting Oakland will beat the Texan's winning streak, Florida will do the same to San Francisco, both away from home. On a personal note, I think my beloved Mets will continue their losing streak, unfortunately. They just seem spent - no catching, no batting, no winning. Here's hoping I'm wrong!

I'll let you have a look at the table for yourself, and please discuss below if you agree/disagree with my predictions and if you have spotted any cool stats and quirks of your own.

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