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Lost Blogging Collective Q&A - Week 11

Aloha one and all! The Lost Blogging Collective returns to you this week with more exciting questions and answers. As Lost enters the final length of the final race of this grand marathon, I am more thankful now than ever that this great group of exciting writers and fans have bonded together in a theory and opinion sharing project. We all have great fun every week writing this for you all, and I hope you have as much fun reading it.

In the years to come, I hope this provides a wonderful snapshot of our final Lost year, but for now, here are this week's Questions and Answers.

1) What did you think of Hurley's episode in general, and specifically the return of Libby? Has it been worth all the hints and teases over the years - of Libby returning, of Desmond being a 'super' man, of Hurley being a leader - was this episode, in essence, worth the wait?

2) We've seen Desmond. We've seen Daniel. We've seen Charlie, Boone, Locke, Mikhail, Keamy, Charlotte, Michael! We've seen pretty much everybody this season, but one man is missing - Walt! Do you think we will see Walt before the end, and how would YOU write him back into the show?

1) I loved the episode personally. Libby and Desmond's stories are very intriguing. I only wish Libby would've experienced something more traumatic or emotional-laced than "I saw your commercial" that reminded her of Hurley.

2) I believe Walt will indeed return. I feel like he's going to return, knowing more of his "powers". The only awkward thing is going to be him coming back as a 10 or 13 year old, with the actor being 17 now. As a footnote, we haven't seen Eko either and I really would like him to return!!

1) The Altered Universe story and everything with Desmond worked very well, I thought. We still don't know why Libby was in Santa Rosa with Hurley in the original timeline, but whatever the reason, having the hospital be what facilitated their reunion in the Altered Universe was a nice pay-off. I'd love a bit more info on Original Timeline Libby, (including why she lied about Hurley stepping on her foot), but if this is all we get, then I'd say the character was well-justified on the whole as a link in the show's chain. Desmond's role as a 'super' man continues to build and will be something to keep an eye on for sure as the series ends. I'm fine with Hurley's growth as a leader, but we the audience need to know where he's getting his ideas. I go into detail on my blog about what didn't work for me in this episode (Illana's casual dismissal and Hurley's sudden, unmotivated, out-of-nowhere decision to go see "Locke"), but this is largely a case of what was building the last few episodes (since 6.07 [Dr. Linus]) not paying-off clearly -- what's been building for the course of the entire series is still paying off nicely.

2) I would certainly hope we'll see Walt in some capacity in the finale. He's shown up somewhere every season so far! I'm of the opinion that Walt is a character who got his "powers" from an electromagnetically-imbued location elsewhere than the Island (Like Isaac of Uhluru [Rose's Faith-Healer] or perhaps Richard Malkin [Claire's Psychic]). But the Island being the mother of all electromagnetic energy sites, Walt's powers interact with the Island in curious ways. This would be why the Others were interested in studying him, but decided they got more than they could handle and ultimately traded him for Ben's safe return. It's also probably connected to Shannon's Walt sightings. But considering what Taller Ghost Walt told Locke he ought to do in 3.22 (Through the Looking Glass), that appearance of Walt was probably some sort of MIB-induced vision. So if I were to bring Walt back in Season 6, I would want to reference both the MIB's use of his image as well as the general consequences of bringing someone with Walt's abilities to the Island. I've also always loved the idea that (in some way) Walt never left the Island, whether it's been stamped with his psychic presence, or whether he can somehow physically project himself there in an inverse of the way that certain Others (Richard/Ethan/Mr.Friendly) seem to be able to leave the Island without truly leaving it.

1) I think this episode is on the short list of episodes this season that answered enough questions to be considered a finale quality episode. The Flash Sideways has become great with the last two episodes, and I think Libby's story feels less like a loose end now, which is never a bad thing with this show.

2) I have a close friend who believes that Walt will end up being the Smoke Monster in some form by the end of the show. Similar to how there must be a replacement for Jacob, my friend believes Walt will be the Island's monster in captivity by the end. I personally think we won't see Walt at all, or not for more than a couple scenes to explain his character off.

1) Yes it definitely was worth the wait. The story and the way that they brought Libby back was so awesome and so satisfying. I kind of wish that when she mentioned that she had checked herself into the mental institute that they would have given her one or two lines explaining why, but that was a very minor thing. It was just so awesome! I love the Flash Sideways.

2) I have no idea really how they could work him in unless they do it as a big surprise at the end of the second to last episode or in the final episode, with the direction that the season is going since we haven’t seen any set up for it yet. If I were doing things I would probably do that reveal and then involve him in the big final battle with some ability that combines with Desmond's that could defeat MIB.

1) Dude. I must say the reunion with Libby was even BETTER than I expected.  In fact, when they kissed on the beach and Hurley’s Island memories came flooding back to him, I totally started crying uncontrollably.  My fiancĂ© looked at me like I was the biggest Dork on Earth, but it was so sweet and so unexpected.  I didn’t realize how much I had missed her, and how much I have come to really love Hugo over the years.  The episode title was kind of personal in that regard.

Hurley also deserves his place as the new Leader.  He has the most genuine sense of “goodness” of all our LOSTies.  Besides the occasional white-lie, I cannot think of anything Hurley has done to intentionally harm anyone.  He has always been the one to try and keep others’ spirits up, keep them safe, keep them LOVED.  He has surpassed his earlier child-like innocence and has taken on more and more responsibility, so his new role is fitting in my opinion.  I just really only want the best for the Biggest Hearted Dude on LOST.

In regards to Desmond, I have always seen him as the main “wild card” and always figured it would either be Desmond or Locke who would ultimately save the Island.  This is probably why they remain my two favorite characters of all time as well.  Now with the latter, uh, indisposed (for the time being – yes I’m still holding the torch, baby!), I am guessing it really will be Desmond, the most unwilling hero, who will Save Us All.

(BTW Funny you used the term “Super
man… I had picked The Flaming Lips for my latest recap band of choice.)

2) One of my favorite moments in the show’s history was the surprising return of Walt as Locke’s motivation when he was shot by Ben and left for dead in the ol’ Purge Pit.  I think the return of Taller Ghost Walt is in order!  He doesn’t need to be on the Island.  We know he has the ability to appear in places where he shouldn’t be.  I want one final Walt-Vision.  Perhaps if only to tease The Lockeness Monster, or perhaps to once again serve as motivator and help coax the Real John Locke into full consciousness and give MIB the boot from that body once and for all! 

Izikavazo @ Not Confused, Just Lost

1) I think the Libby thing was worth the wait.  After the build up of the Hurley Libby relationship in Season 2 and the extremely shocking end of that relationship it was very gratifying seeing those two get a happy moment.

As for the Desmond's new awareness, it's great to watch.  But when I tried to guess what his future was going to hold I never really connected him to any of the other characters.  I've always just put Desmond off in a corner away from all the normals.  So it's fun watching, but I won't pretend that I ever expected him to be the link between all these characters and the guide to their enlightenment.

Now Hurley's leadership.  That's something I always hoped to see, but I thought I was being delusional.  Now look, he's doing Jack's job.

2) This is a torturous question.  I always wanted Walt to come back, I don't think I'm alone there.  But at this point I'm about to give up hope.  I was so sure that the Oceanic 6 storyline was the means to get Walt back on the show.  These characters were off the Island, they were coming back, they had a time jump, they needed as many Island people on the plane as possible to make it work.  I was so sure that all of this was the writers way of getting Walt back on the show.  But I was wrong.  Now we've had another group find their way to the Island, on Widmore's submarine, but still no Walt in sight.

As for the other timeline, it's 2004 over there, so unless there's a time jump I don't think we'll see him there.
The only other way I can imagine Walt coming back is if everyone dies in the finale and the Island is uninhabited, and then Walt get's there all alone and becomes the next Jacob.  That would be fun (and quite insane).

Scott @ The Stuff Of Legend

1) I LOVED "Everybody Loves Hugo". I thought it was a great mix of humor, romance, plot, and stuff getting blown up. The return of Libby was extremely satisfying, and I think that Garcia and Watros have a very sweet chemistry that is unique to them.

To say whether it was "worth the wait"... I don't think that the stories of Hurley and Desmond are completed yet, so it is difficult to say. I do like that Hurley is finally gaining some confidence in himself, and we are seeing that manifest in both timelines.

As far as Desmond goes, I'm still not convinced that he is totally "aware" of everything that is going on in both timelines. For instance, I don't think he hit Locke with his car because Fake-Locke threw him down a well. I think that in the Sideways timeline, he is aware that something is "off", and he's trying to convince the others of the same thing so that they can help him do.... whatever it is they are going to do in order to try and reconcile the two.

On the Island, he seems very Zen... I think this is because, as crazy and screwed up as things seem, that timeline is the RIGHT one, and it is progressing the way it has to. Island Desmond is aware enough to know that no matter what happens in this timeline, it could be worse... he could be stuck in the other "wrong" one.

2) Man, I sure HOPE we see Walt again... otherwise, there was an awful lot of time spent telling us how freaking "SPECIAL" he is for no reason.

I know that Malcolm David Kelly's growth spurt caused the writers some issues, but I think at this point they could write him back in without much issue... it's been three years, after all, and as the father of two teenagers I can tell you that a massive growth spurt in three years is certainly within the realm of possibility.

If I were to write him back into the show, I would probably have him somehow "drawn" to Desmond and the group that he is putting together somehow. Maybe he shows up at wherever they end up gathering together, saying that he doesn't know why, but something has been driving him to find something or someone, but he doesn't know what. He even flew to Sydney, Australia and back, just because "something" told him to... he was supposed to fly back a few days ago, but he got sidetracked and missed his flight.

The flight he missed? OCEANIC FLIGHT 815.

Ms Wendy @ It's About Bunnies!

1) They had me at the Hurley Tribute video... loved this episode. For me, worth the wait. At first, I wasn't too happy with Ilana blowing up. But LOST has shown us that the stakes have been high since Season One. That "life is a series of choices". And, regardless of what you think is your "destiny" , those choices (like slamming a bag of leaky dynamite on the ground) can sometimes have dire consequences.  Unless you're Richard... ;)

2) In Season One, when Locke grabbed Walt's arm, he told him "Don't open that thing, Mr. Locke.... just don't open it". He knew what was going on with The Hatch. Did that include who was inside of it, i.e. Desmond? So, just like in Season 3, Walt helping Locke get out of the Dharma Death Pit, Walt could be standing over the well. The question is... would he be there to help Des or not? 

Karen @ Karen's Lost Notebook

1) I loved this Hugo episode.  It was filled with important info.  Seeing Libby, Dr. Brooks and Mama Reyes was great.  One thing I noticed with his episode is that there weren’t any “mirror” moments in it for Hugo.   I wonder if that is because he’s “the guy who isn’t even in the game”.  It all was worth the wait.

2)  I have not counted out Waaaaalt at all.  I believe we will see where he still fits in.

Nikki @ Nik At Nite
1) I think it was a fantastic episode, but it didn't feel to me like the big question-answering episode we've been waiting for... it did establish Desmond as the man who was going to bring everyone together. It didn't answer the question of why Libby was in the mental hospital with Hurley, unless the suggestion is that in the original timeline, she was perhaps seeing the sideways world and was unable to cope with it then. And maybe she really DIDN'T remember Hurley. But I still find it more than coincidental that she was in the hospital with Hurley AND she was the one who gave the boat to Desmond AND she was the one at the airport asking Eko if he was OK and was still getting on the plane. So many things pointed to her possibly being in cahoots with the island, and I'm not sure that will ever be answered.

That aside, I loved the story between Hugo and Libby in the SW, and the scene of them finally getting their picnic -- blankets and all -- brought tears to my eyes. Beautifully done by the writers, and even more beautifully done by the actors. I adored this episode.

2) That's a really tough one, mostly because Walt is simply too old right now. And I'd never want them to re-cast that character. They can't have him in the SW, because he's supposed to be 11, but they can have him over in this timeline and even though the actor must be pushing 19 at this point, he could probably pull off 15, which is a year older than Walt is in the original timeline. (And maybe they're just hoping we don't do the math!) I'm not sure we will see Walt again, and because of that I haven't thought of how I'd work him into the show. Many, many people see the Walt/Michael storyline as being unfinished, but I don't feel that way. Walt was introduced as the kid who was special, and the Others saw that and took him, and he became the catalyst for the events that ended season 2 and essentially spurred the rest of the series. He brought the Others out of the woodwork; he forced Michael on his expedition; he was put in Room 23 and Ben had tests run on him; he proved too dangerous for them to continue with him and they needed to get rid of him, but they knew Michael didn't know that, so they bribed Michael to go and get the 4 people to come to the other side of the island and free Henry Gale, thus spawning everything else that happened. Walt's specialness was important just for that reason, and we got a satisfying conclusion from it (there has been no solid explanation for him appearing to Shannon or Locke, so it might be nice to get that). Then we continued to follow Michael's quest for redemption, and as of last week we discovered that he's trapped in a purgatory for the things he did, which seems like the way to end his character. He's sorry for what he did, and we know that, and we also know Walt is happily in NY with his grandmother and safe from the Bentham episode, so that storyline is done for me. But I do see why other people would want to bring it back.

Now, if they brought back EKO, on the other hand... THAT would be exciting for me. :)

Ernie @ Gulf Coast Offense

1) I enjoyed the episode and am happy that we're finally getting somewhere in the sideways world. The return of Libby was cool, but not as cool as it would have been to have gotten her original backstory. I like Hurley as a leader, as he's always been used as the voice of the audience and comic relief. Maybe with him as leader, we're on the fast track to learning that Lost is all about. Desmond has always been a great character, but I wouldn't call him superman, he's just the uniquely special guy who will piece this entire puzzle together. I think this episode was worth the wait, but really when you think about it, the first half of this season is sort of a waste. We could have done without the temple all together and the earlier flash sideways stories didn't really get us anywhere.

2) I would love to see Walt back before the end of the show because I feel like there's so much more to his story than what we've learned. In the grand scheme of things and the current situation on the show though, I don't think Walt will come into play. I'm not even sure how they could write him back unless he appears in the sideways world, which wouldn't be as satisfying.

Chris @ Super Duper Stream

1) I have been adamant for 4 years now that the way the writers handle Libby's (lack of) story would define the entire show. While I absolutely LOVED this episode, on reflection I think I may be right. This final season has been a lot of fun and contained some of the best scenes and episodes of the series, but the whole thing seems like a bandage being applied to a leaking wound. The writers obviously never anticipated the sheer volume of stories and theories and fan response, and they are so far doing an excellent job of providing us with all that we think we want to see - they did it in Season 5 with the time travelling covering all of Dharma and Danielle's storylines, and they are doing it this Season by showing us how things could have been. But the real answer is, we still haven't got Libby's story. But, for an ALTERNATIVE to what we think we want, this episode did just fine, and although I would rather have not had to wait so long, it was worth it in the end. Now please don't ignore Hurley for the remaining episodes!

2) As with the above, Walt is another neglected character. While I would love to see Eko (and all the other characters including Tom, Shannon, Goodwin etc) none of them have been neglected where Walt (and Libby) have. The Jeremy Bentham episode seemed like (to use the bleeding wound analogy) a little plaster applied to Walt's story, or perhaps a metaphor for real life events - perhaps the actor has moved away from Lost and doesn't wish to return? Whatever the reasons, again I would have liked to see Walt's proper storyline and not the ALTERNATIVE that he is living with his Grandmother and is seemingly normal. That might be nice, but nice isn't Lost.

But to get back to the question, yes, I believe we will see Walt before the end. How I personally would write him in to the episodes is dramatic - I would give us, the viewers, a pinch of respect and just show Walt as a taller version of his original self in the Alternative timeline. We all know he has grown in real life, so we should just deal with it - we've managed to overlook changing hairstyles (especially Sawyer's) over the years.
So Walt and Michael turn up at the hospital for whatever reason (perhaps Michael is still with Walt's mother and she is pregnant again and is in for a scan). Walt runs into David, who goes to his school, they get chatting and so Michael meets Jack, who at this point has been 'woken up' and, his hero complex kicking in, does something horrible to put Michael and Walt's lives at risk - but saves them in the end, waking them up in the process. Walt's powers live on in the Alternative world, which combined with Desmond and newly-heroic Jack, gives them the power to right whatever wrong needs fixed. (And I can't believe I just wrote a story that involves Jack being the hero! I guess he has grown on me this year!)

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Lost Blogging Collective Q&A - Week 10

Hey all, just a little Q&A this week after last week's bumper edition - normal 2 question service resumes next week!

For those that don't know, the Lost Blogging Collective is a group of 23 bloggers from around the world who email, comment on each others blogs, tweet and generally chat about Lost, trying to bring as many cool Lost fans together as possible and sharing each others opinions, theories and ideas before Lost finishes - and beyond! So please, take the time to check out each member's blog and find your favourites - they all bring something different to the table. You can find the links to each in the first blogroll to your right!

Each week, we all answer a couple of questions loosely based on that week's episode of Lost. This week, the question is:

Now that Lost has went totally, 100% sci-fi on us, do you think the deaths of the likes of Charlie and Daniel were "worth it" for the story we are getting told now, or would you rather have had more of their original storyline at the cost of this flash-sideways universe storyline?

I was very sad when Charlie "died", not so much when Daniel "died".  This is LOST so what does dead really mean?  Dead= "Gone".

But I feel their being "eliminated" is all part of the (not only the journey) but game as well.  So with that, it must have been "worth it" to one side of the chess board for the removal of those pieces.

As far as their original story lines, I feel at this point we got the information we were supposed to get.  From what we saw this week these two (people/pieces/players/pawns) still have a place in influencing the "Island" game/story.
It has been my opinion the sideways and the other on "Island" and off "Island" events are all blurred together and have always been.  I believe with the convergence of all of this that everything will serve a purpose and make sense in the end.

No I love the Flash Sideways so much. Sure it was sad when Charlie and Daniel died, but they went out in a great way. And like they say in Lost even if you die you’re never gone for good. The Flash Sideways has been such an awesome way to say goodbye to all of the characters. It’s been such a great way to reminisce about all of the great moments during the past 5 and a half years. Plus as we all now know from the Desmond episode there’s a definite connection between the Flash Sideways world and the island.

I can deal with the death of Daniel for the sake of science, but Charlie...not so much.  I'm still not sure we are 100% science.  I still feel like there is a lot of mythology to be discovered between Jacob and MIB.

Definitely worth it. I loved both characters, but thought their deaths were worth it at the time, too. In "Through The Looking Glass" we needed a tragedy in the midst of triumph in order to frame/foreshadow Jack's flash-forward traumatized state. While we weren't sure what all he'd been through at that point, we got a taste of it with the loss of Charlie. Though we know the arrival of the freighter was "the Beginning of the End" in retrospect, at the time it was a HUGE victory for our heroes and a major defeat for the Others. To earn such things require sacrifices from a story-telling standpoint, and there can be no greater storytelling loss then to put a period at the end of a great character's story. For Faraday, his death was a similar impetus: While Juliet functioned as the Charlie-like sacrifice, that came with the "victory" of detonating Jughead in the midst of the Incident, Faraday's death defined his entire role on the show. He and Eloise, and the story of a mother knowingly sacrificing her son for the sake of time-continuity, are at the heart of the show. Eloise and Faraday have kept this timeline rigorously held to the destiny it's meant to arrive at. And while Altered Universe Eloise may not be willing to sacrifice for the existence of the Original Timeline, AU Faraday seems willing. In both universes, these two are the guardians of time, and Faraday's death is the variable (and his journal is the violation) that's allowed Eloise the knowledge to set them on this path: Farday's death humanizes what would otherwise be empty sci-fi.    

I don't know if they were necessarily "worth it", but I am certainly glad we are getting to revisit these characters. The only downfall is - these are not the same characters we have grown to love (and in some cases hate, but at least we feel for them). One way of looking at it is that Lost has introduced a dozen or so "new" characters, but hopefully, with Desmond's new 'powers' being awoken by Charlie, we can begin seeing our old friends and these new people converge into some singular entity - one that is equal parts new and exciting, but also old and familiar.

But what I wouldn't give to have more episodes from Charlie, Daniel and even Boone before they perished. I think a lot of Lost characters still had a lot of story to tell, and for that I rue the 'end date' decision, but we can't all have our cake and eat it. I guess the writer's were forced with a choice of whether to indefinitely tell the 'character' storyline until ratings dropped so far the show got cancelled, then rush a 'mystery' ending, or to rush the 'character' aspect in order to tell a proper 'mystery' story. The way I see it, we got 3 good seasons of 'character' with a hint of mystery, then 2 good seasons of 'mystery' with a hint of character, and this season we are essentially getting both. Would I have done it differently? Yes. But am I upset with how the writer's have chosen to tell their story? No, not in the slightest. If Charlie had to die in order to get us to where we are, then so be it, who am I to judge?

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Lost Blogging Collective Q&A - Week 9

For those of you not in the know, this has been a hectic week and a bit - but thankfully the website has been ticking over, and I can now (finally) give you all the Questions and Answers for week 9 of Lost!

To make up for the crazy, this week is a bumper 4 question edition, and later in the week you will be getting a bonus question from our Lost Blogging Collective, before normal service resumes again with Week 11. So without further ado, on with the show.

1) What one aspect of Lost turned you from a 'normal' fan into a 'hardcore' Lostie?
2) What are some of your favourite Lost-related websites?
3) How will Desmond, the package, the constant, the variable, feature in the final showdown?
4) Who is the father of Alt Sun's Alt child?

1) I don't think there was any one thing that made me crazy for Lost. I think that I may have been hooked right from the pilot episode. It always has seemed more like a movie-watching experience than a television show. It is just leaps and bounds more entertaining than anything I have ever watched on TV. Also, the way the producers and writers love the fan's input and participation in the show is really awesome too.

2) On Wednesday mornings, I am usually spending half my morning on DarkUFO's website (my Weekly Website review). Not to mention all the rest of the days of the week. I also enjoy Jorge Garcia's blog and his podcasts (my WW review of both). Love Damon and Carlton's podcasts too. Of course, yours too Chris!!

3) I honestly do not have a clue. He was so absent from last season, that I was beginning to think he was not as "special" as I always hoped him to be. I am very excited and anxious to see how he fits back into the realm of things!! I'll be curious to read some of the other answers to this question.

4) Hmmm....maybe Michael. Him and Sun seemed to have a little chemistry when they first started communicating together.

1) I have to say it was the number of "white moments" in Season 1 - those powerhouse happy and/or cathartic moments that uplifted the viewers beyond watching LOST and into experiencing LOST. Yes, the mysteries were there, but they were linked to these glory moments where (with a little help from the actors and Michael Giacchino) your soul soared. One of the earliest and most renowned of these was the revelation of Locke's having been wheel-chair bound prior to the crash in 1.04 (Walkabout). Yes, the mystery of how he'd been healed induced goosebumps, but the sheer power of watching Terry O'Quinn smile at the wheelchair beside the fuselage pyre as the music swelled took these goosebumps and turned them into joy. The characters got moment after moment like this through Season 1 - wrought with both high tragedy and high catharsis, and still every now and again they occur. The power of Ben's recent "white moment" in Dr. Linus has made it one of the episode most popular of the Season thus far, and for me how highly Season 6 ranks in amongst the best episodes of the series, will depend on how well LOST executes these moments as it moves into it's endgame. Keep in mind, I'm not saying things need to be HAPPY - they just need to be full of REDEMPTION, PAY-OFF, and RESOLUTION. Season 1 did this again and again, and THAT's the reason I love LOST.

2) (WW) - best insightful recaps, most intelligent discussion community - (WW) - best collection of LOST news, but beware of spoilers! The strong of will can avoid them easily there! - best source of encyclopedic LOST info. Period. Want to know anything? Go there. - yes, I love my own site. A healthy ego is a requirement of all who spend their time blogging! Plus, writing my analyses and breaking the mysteries down into as few questions as possible helps me keep LOST as simple as possible in my head!

3) Desmond IS the package from what I gather, and judging from the fact that Widmore needs both Desmond and the locations of the Island's pockets of electromagnetism to move his scheme forward, I'd say he's fixing to do some time-travel craziness to repair whatever damage was caused to the Island by Desmond's turn of the failsafe key in the Season 2 finale: Meaning the cork is leaky and needs the guy-who-can-break-all-the-rules to repair it. The Constant? Without Penny, Des wouldn't have the strength it'll take to make whatever tough choices are ahead to repair the Island and space/time. The Variable? Faraday says people's ability to induce unexpected change is the ultimate Variable that can thwart the "Whatever Happened, Happened" agenda of fate -- on the show, this has seemingly taken the form of the Altered Universe: the consequence of Jack leading his troops to change the future. In the final showdown, I'm guessing our heroes may just have to sacrifice both themselves and the Island to save space/time from imploding via the Island's stores of Electromagnetic energy. If this happens, maybe the Altered Universe is the loophole that will allow them to live despite their sacrifice. Either that, or the Original Timeline (what was Constant) will have to be destroyed to allow the Altered Timeline (the Variable) to live on -- the universe's way of "course-correcting" the results of The Incident.

4) Alt Jae Lee!

1) Two big season 1 things got me hooked on the show: the numbers and the hatch. I just had to know what the deal with these things were. It was interesting to see the numbers show up in so many random ways in each episode. The whole plot with the hatch was awesome. I had to know what that thing was and what was down there.

I also found it cool during the early seasons of the show how there was so much of a viral aspect to the show's marketing. I remember how big of a deal the Oceanic Web site was and that you could click on the character's seats and find cool Easter eggs. I also remember how each new thing mentioned on the show would soon be a Web site. Hurley works at Mr. Clucks ... check out Mr. Clucks Web site for more Easter eggs. This is a fun side note about Lost that people who came to it late or who only watched the DVDs later never got to experience.

2) As I mentioned in the previous response, I enjoyed the early viral Web sites that were created to promote the show and everything in it. Now I pretty much stick to blogs and sites that talk about Lost. My favorites are Doc Jensen/EW's Totally Lost, DarkUFO, LongLiveLocke, Lostpedia, Zap2It's Guide to Lost, Lost Media & Get Lost Podcast (for screen captures), etc. I've also enjoyed Jorge Garcia's Geronimo Jack's Beard podcasts, but I'm a few episodes behind.

3) I'm not sure how or why Desmond is the key to Lost, but I just know he is. As Faraday said, he's uniquely special and the rules don't apply to him. Is he a candidate? I don't think so, but he is likely the key to ultimately stopping Man in Black.

4) It might be the simple answer, but I think Jin's the father. I don't think we're in for a big swerve here. I think the swerve already happened with then not being married and Sun getting shot. I guess in sideways world, Jin is fertile and they don't have the same issues they had in their pre-815 life.

1) I've been hooked ever since Jack opened his eye. But the aspect that made me dig deeper into LOST was the connections between characters. We first got a glimpse of it when Sawyer is dragged away in the police station as Boone is talking to the cop in Australia (Heart and Minds). It showed us that these incredible and mysterious things weren't just happening to just any random group of people. And it made me need to know the "whys" behind it...and still does.

2) Oh, there are so many fantastic Lost sites out there (and thank you to all of you who take the time to put them together for us fans). Some that I frequent often are DarkUFO, Lostpedia, The Lost Podcasting Network, (Bonnie Covel's site), Karen's Lost Notebook, Capcom's Lost blog, Dispatches From the Island, Lost Tidbits, Not Confused Just Lost... and of course, Stream of Consciousness. :)

3) I wrote on my blog that Desmond being referred to as "the package" might be why he is special and can withstand the electromagnetism. There is something called a "physics package" which is essentially the core of a nuclear bomb. Daniel also reiterated that for the bad things to stop "something like a nuclear bomb" would have to be set off (Happily Ever After). I'm thinking what if that is what Desmond is like? Will he "explode"? Probably not in the traditional sense.. (although, it's LOST, you never But whatever Desmond can do has a similar reaction. This is what makes him "uniquely and miraculously special". And his "sacrifice" will be a lot like Dogen's was: Give your life to the "work" of the Island that your loved ones will live on, though you will never be with them.  I think that the constants are love and hate. Love is what helped people to "see" and "feel" what was missing. Hate is what moved MIB and Claire out of their inactive state (MIB and crazy mother, Claire going after those who took Aaron). These constants showed each group their "purpose". The variables are people, just like before in 77, and their ability to choose which will be their "constant'. Their final choice of constant determines their "side" in the war.

4) I think that Jin is the father, just like Christian Shephard is still Claire father (or we can at least, assume he is).

1) The characters, and specifically their backstory and connections. The two main touchstones of this are when it was revealed that Locke was in a wheelchair before the crash (perhaps an over-used answer, but that just shows how powerful that scene was to us all), and also as Ms Wendy says, when Sawyer is getting dragged around in the Cop shop during Boone's episode, these connections and crossovers also brought me under Lost's sway.

As a comic book fan, I find it frustrating that so few other medias utilise the backstory and crossover stuff as well as comic books do. Fair enough, comic books sometimes overplay these angles (my favourite comic book is The Walking Dead which specifically goes out of its way not to delve into backstories or crossovers) but it is very rare that a movie, TV show, book or computer game can carry out a good backstory or character crossover well. Memento did, as did Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction, and these three films are rightly regarded as some of the best in the world. In addition to that, Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction both have character crossovers in the form of the Vega brothers, which has led to many a fan theory filling in the little bits of information not covered in the main films, and also a failed prequel attempt at telling these characters backstories.

As with these three examples, Lost is a rare breed. It has managed to telling backstories and show crossovers in a way that always genuinely excites their fans. Look at Season 6 - I'm sure few people truly cared about George Minkowski before "Happily Ever After", yet many of them probably still felt a buzz of real excitement at seeing him drive Desmond around.

2) Well, there's a ton. In addition to the Lost Blogging Collective (and my favourites there, if I had to choose, would be Sagacious Penguin's "Stuff And Nonsense", Fishbiscuitland (WW) and Not Confused Just Lost (WW)), there's also Long Live Locke, Jopinionated and Doc Jensen's Entertainment Weekly articles are always good for an informative, madcap and completely off-base read. They might not always enhance your understanding of Lost, but they certainly educate you in the way of cross-pop culture references, ideas and templates. I guess that would be loosely my top 6 of the moment, but it changes week-by-week - sometimes Vozzek will blow me away with a recap, other weeks I can seem to get away from Room 23 (WW), it just varies between about 30+ different sites. Check out my random Round-Ups for a more in-depth look at what I like to read. A final mention must go to Never Seen Lost (WW) - a blog about one man's journey through Season 6, having never seen any of Seasons 1 - 5! It makes for some pretty interesting, funny and crazy reading.

3) Desmond will be the glue of the group, or the dynamite. My initial thoughts were that he would either be forced into, or willingly undertake, a sacrifice in the manner of Charlie - his death for the life of the world. But now, having had time to think about things, I think it will be more complex than that. If Jacob and Esau/Smokey are the black and white of the Lost world, with everyone choosing sides between the two, then Desmond is the gray - the man who will blend together both black, white and everything inbetween - he will join together everyone into one big group, and together they will tackle whatever the big problem will be. Perhaps even Smokey will sacrifice himself to save the world, who knows - but my betting is, once Desmond gets to everyone (in the manner of Jacob's "touches"), they will all unite under one big, gray banner. That's my theory anyway.

4) Alt Michael? I always thought the love triangle storyline ended too quickly in the original flavour timeline, so the geek in me would love to see Alt Michael as the Alt Father. But the realist in me is bending towards Jae Lee or Jin, probably the latter for simplicity's sake.

Saturday, 10 April 2010

Weekly Website - Devastate Boredom

Devastate Bordeom, run by the very cool Sarah Eliza, is dedicted to keeping absolutely everyone amused and boredom-free, in the most random and fun ways! Contained within are a multitude of free (and legal!) music downloads, TV reviews, green & cheap living ideas (including coupons, offers, etc) and a whole host of other cool stuff to keep you busy.

On the Lost side of things, Sarah provides a weekly overview of each Lost episode, nearly pointing out Answers, Questions and various notes from across the Lost message boards that many people may not have picked up on, or have simply forgotten about. For instance, in her "Recon" recap, we are reminded that Miles was initially brought to the Island by Charles Widmore (via Naomi), causing Jacob (via Bram) to try and convince him that he was on the wrong side of the war - insinuating that Widmore is not in face on the side of Team Jacob.

The best part about Sarah's site is the sheer abundance of links she provides - Lost links, music links, random links! There's plenty to keep you busy for a long, long time, so start exploring now!

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Lost - Funny Quote

From Season 1's "Hearts And Minds".

Sayid - Let me ask you something -- which way do you think North is?
Jack - Sorry?
Sayid - North? Which way is it?
Jack - Uh, okay. 
[Jack looks around and points.]
Jack - The sun's going to set over there, so that makes that West. 
[Pointing in another direction.]
Jack -That'd be North. Yeah.
Sayid - Correct. That's where North should be. 
[Sayid shows the compass to Jack. North isn't showing correctly on the compass.]
Sayid - Yet that is North.
Jack - I'm not. . .
Sayid - A minor magnetic anomaly might explain a variance of 2 or 3 degrees, but not this.
Jack - What are you saying?

Sayid - I'm saying this compass is obviously defective.

Knowing what we know now, I think Sayid was a little off the mark there.

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Lost Poll - Favourite Season

Thoughts From Twitter

@WhimsyAndQuirk -  So far, my favorite is 6, then 5. :-)
@growlfI rather enjoyed S2. S6 is shaping up nicely as well.
@YaGottaBKiddnMe - I like THIS season, cuz we're finally getting answers :) And I think the flash sideways will end up being something really cool.
@LOST_BOSS - Season 1.
@SawyerandKate - Season 1.
@tomwilson23 - I am going to delay answering until this season is over cause i think the last episodes could push 6 into the lead.
@deanosaurasrex - so far season 2 but season 3 is damn good too!!
@erinava - season 1! Hated season 2!
@BunniesLRNow - At this point, I'm still a sentimental, Season One LOST nerd.
@Mediawill - Season 2—with Season 6 coming in a close second. That premiere with #Desmond in the #hatch was incredible.
@SDstream - @erinava lol so did I!
@buerschte - uhm... season 5 i think...
@DharmaOutlaw - Hmm that is a tough call. I like them all for different reasons. I will go with Season 2. For now.
@topseacrets - do i have to pick one??? cause... i like em all!!!!
@aouaLOST - one. 
@brunablackEither S1 or S5. Pure bliss.
@XmeshworkX - season 1!
@gothcakeSeason 3.
@hrbeck - #1
@jason_cherry - IMHO, LOST has gone downhill from the 1st episode. Was entertaining for a while, but this last seasons twists are disappointing

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Weekly Website - Fishbiscuitland

Although it would be a very close call between a truly exceptional group of blogs, if I was ever forced to choose my ultimate, favourite Lost website of Season 6, it would have to be Fishbiscuitland.

FBL's unique choice of writing style may be jarring for some, but for me it is perfect. Relying mostly on images, Fish weaves a wonderful weekly tale that is worthy of rivalling Lost's very own storyline. Her wonderful image selection and choice of quotes leads me to believe she has actually read every book written and seen every television show that has been created. Each time she posts, she manages to link Lost in with several other great stories - some obscure, some classical, some pop-culture and some mythological.

It helps to be a great consumer of stories to not only be a fan of Fishbiscuitland, but to Lost overall. However, like the TV show, it is not a necessity for enjoyment. Anyone can read a FBL post and take great pleasure in it - there are enough references, images and text to ensure that something will stick, even if not everyone will "get" ever link, but some of the metaphors are truly inspired.

It pains me to read FBL sometimes, as this is the type of blog that is so truly, utterly enjoyable that it makes me want to give up writing myself and simply devote all of my time to reading FBL archives over and over on a continuous loop. However, that feeling soon passes, and instead I am left feeling like FBL has raised the bar for other Lost bloggers like myself to try to live up to. I only hope that, out there somewhere, there is someone worthy enough to raise the bar even higher.

For now, please check out my favourite Lost blogger of the moment at

Monday, 5 April 2010

Lost - Fate vs Free Will - Season 1

For any statistic junkies out there like me, check out this for the "Fate vs Free Will" debate - every single mention of  "constant", "destiny", "fate" and "we have to go back" VS every mention of "choice", "choose, "don't tell me what I can't do" and "variable".

I toyed with whether to do a full-scale every single mention of the words or a contextual count of the mentions - I've gone with contextual, so you will see Randy's mocking "You think it's your destiny?" or Christian's "Don't choose. Don't decide." count as negatives as they are anti-statements, and you also won't see Locke's rants count towards 35 "destiny"s - one line, one count.

Anyway, have fun!

Fate (25)

Constant (0)

Destiny (4)
S1E4 - Locke - Why? It was his destiny.
S1E4 - Locke - This is destiny. This is destiny. This is my destiny.
S1E14 - Michael - This us taking control of our destiny.
S1E24 - Locke - It's destiny.

Fate (5)
S1E16 - Christian - It's fate. 
S1E21 - Haddad - Perhaps it is fate. 
S1E21 - Essam - Haddad was right, it was fate that brought us back together.
S1E24 - Locke - We'll let fate decide. 
S1E24 - Sun - Fate.

We Have To Go Back (9)
S1E1 - Kate - We have to go back for him.
S1E5 - Boone - You gotta go back. 
S1E13 - Boone - Let's go back
S1E13 - Shannon - You should go back.
S1E13 - Shannon - And then we'll just go back. 
S1E16 - Sun - I want to go back.
S1E19 - Boone - That's it. Let's go back. 
S1E23 - Walt - Stay, Vincent. Go back, Vincent. Vincent, go back, go back. 
S1E24 - Sayid - You're going to have to go back.

Anti-Choice (5)
S1E9 - Danielle - I had no choice. They were already lost. 
S1E14 - Michael - But it's not his choice. It's mine.
S1E20 - Jack - There's no other choice. 
S1E21 - Kate - You had no choice. 
S1E24 - Kate - You had no right to make that choice

Anti-Choose (2)
S1E5 - Christian - Don't choose, Jack, don't decide.
S1E23 - Sun - There really wasn't much to choose from

Free Will (25)

Choice (12)
S1E1 - Jack - So I just made a choice.
S1E5 - Unnamed Bully - It's your choice man, walk away now and you won't get your ass kicked.
S1E6 - Locke - Give it up now at least it will be your choice.
S1E7 - Priest - Well, we all have our temptations, but giving in to them, that's your choice.
S1E7 - Charlie - Well, then, I've made my choice.
S1E7 - Locke - Having choices, making decisions based on more than instinct, is the only thing that separates you from him [a boar].
S1E7 - Charlie - I've made my choice.
S1E8 - Jack - This was Sawyer's choice.
S1E16 - Duckett - Only two choices, shrimp in mild sauce, shrimp in hot sauce.
S1E21 - Sayid - There's always a choice.
S1E23 - Danielle - You have only 3 choices - run, hide, or die. 
S1E24 - Michael - There's only 2 choices - you're either a hero or you want to die.

Choose (1)
S1E23 - Sayid - Choose wisely when you use it.

Don't Tell Me What I Can't Do (5)
S1E4 - Locke - Just don't tell me what I can't do.  (to Randy)
S1E4 - Locke - Don't tell me what I can't do. (to Kate)
S1E4 - Locke - Don't ever tell me what I can't do, ever. (to Travel Agent)
S1E19 - Locke - No, don't tell me what I can't do. 
S1E20 - Jack - Don't tell me what I can't do!

Variable (0)

Anti-Destiny (3)
S1E4 - Randy - That's what you think you've got, old man? Destiny?
S1E24 - Jack - Did you talk with Boone about destiny, John?
S1E24 - Jack - I don't believe in destiny.

Anti-Fate (2)
S1E16 - Jack - Instead of taking responsibility for it, he just put it on fate.
S1E24 - Claire - There's no such thing as fate.

Anti-We Have To Go Back (2)
S1E13 - Boone - We never go back.
S1E20 - Shannon - I don't want to go back.

So, there you have it. It would appear, for Season 1 at least, there is a dead-even tie between Destiny and Free Will. Spooky! I think Sayid says it best:

S1E20 - Sayid - Maybe we should go back?

Sunday, 4 April 2010

Lost - Where Are They Now - Kate

In this new segment, I try to quickly recap (in a few paragraphs, or less) the history and current placement of all the main characters - consider this a quick "Best Of".


She runs.

She killed her father. She runs. She confesses to her mother. She runs. She gets married. She runs. She kills her best friend. She runs. She bank-robs her best friend's toy aeroplane. She runs. She gets a job on a farm. She runs. She crashes on an Island. She runs. She encounters a Smoke Monster. She runs. She does a lot of running, so much so that she eventually runs onto a helicopter and gets back off the Island. A court orders her not to run. She tries not to run, to build a family with Jack and Jack's nephew Aaron, but her emotions cause her to run right back to the Island.

Where she runs some more. From the Temple, from Jack, to Sawyer, to Claire. In the alternative world, she runs from the authorities. She runs into Claire, runs away from Claire, runs back to Claire, then runs away again, before running into Sawyer, literally. With all this running, she should try out for the Olympic Games.

Currently caught between a rock and a hard place, with nowhere to run, Kate is forced to stay put and try to build relationships with all the insane, selfish and injured people around her. How long until she gives up and starts running again?

Current Location - Smokey's campsite.
Current Team Members - Sawyer, Jin, Cindy, Zack, Emma, unnamed Others, Sayid (debatable), Claire (debatable), Smokey (debatable).

Saturday, 3 April 2010

Weekly Website - Lost Blog

By fans, for fans and about fans, that is the tagline for the Lost Blog, and it couldn't be more apt.

Run by an array of fun contributors, the Lost Blog comprises so much Lost stuff it even makes MY mind boggle! There's a "Tweet's O' The Day" section which collects the best Lost ramblings from Twitter (and on which I have featured occassionally). There's a fantastically full Interview section comprising artists, cast members, and fellow bloggers (and again, I have been lucky enough to be featured in that fantastic line-up).

There's a multitude of recaps and analysis. There's a weekly "We Re-Watch Lost" chatroom where everyone is invited to re-watch the latest episode of Lost and chat about it, which is then followed by "We Talk About Lost" which again is an open-invitation podcast to come chat about the latest episode.

In addition to this, there are hundreds of links to other Lost fan sites, as well as far too many internal links to mention - humour, competitions, videos, pictures, polls. Imagine a typical Lost fan site mixed with a typical Lost aggregate site, then given a large dose of steroids, and you'll have - fantastic fun, incredibly huge, and a great place to check out and contribute to.

Thursday, 1 April 2010 - My Interview

The fantastic team at selected me to be interviewed recently.

Oh look, there I am sandwiched between Mark "Jacob" Pellegrino and Gary from!

The interview was a blast, with 16 questions ranging from "Favourite Character?" to "What Do You Think Will Be Lost's Legacy?"

So if anyone wants to know the intimate details of my love-affair with Lost, now is your chance!

Thanks again to all at =)