Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Weekly Website - Room 23

(to make up for there being no Weekly Website yesterday, there will instead be two today - you lucky, lucky people!)

Room 23

Room 23 is described as "a gathering place" for Lost fans, as opposed to a website or a blog, and this description couldn't be more apt. Updated primarily by Paul Burrows, the site lists 13 contributors and 5 spin-off sites including Spoilers, Media and a Store.

The nuts and bolts of Room 23 is rather hard to define, purely because it is full to the brim with so many rich, diverse updates. Since the site's inception in early 2008, there have been an average of 900 updates per year - an astounding figure! To really appreciate that number, you have to take into account that while most Lost websites grind to a virtual halt during the "hiatus", Room 23 managed to keep up an average 75 updates per month, making it one of THE most updated Lost fansites on the web.

The mirror image of quantity is quality, and thankfully Room 23 also has this in abundance - there are updates including videos, more videos, images, links to other great Lost websites, including our own Lost Blogging Collective (of which Paul is a part of). There are also updates from the people behind Lost, such as showrunners Damon and Carlton and "Ben Linus" actor Michael Emerson, not to mention many links to great Lost analysts, podcasts and vodcasts, including the Lost Untangled series and Entertainment Weekly's Doc Jensen. Needless to say, there is something here for everyone!

Some may discount Room 23 for 'only' being an aggregate site, but to do so is to overlook the sheer amount of effort, care and work it takes to produce such an outstanding blog. For any true Lost fan, this website is a must-have in your bookmarks.

To read some of Paul's thoughts and opinions on Lost, check out our weekly Lost Blogging Collective Q&A, and everyone be sure to pay a visit to Room 23.

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