Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Lost - The Fun Stuff

To help break up the brain-strain caused by Season 5 and to ease us all into Season 6, I felt I should share some of my favourite links that highlight the more humorous aspects of the Lost fandom.

If Lost Characters Told The Truth (cracked.com)
A series of (fictional) blogs created by the Lost characters, revealing their inner-most thoughts.

The True "Secret" Of Lost (by Jon Carroll / San Francisco Chronicle)
A very funny jab at Lost and Lost fandom, although it is all in good humour. I suspect Jon is a fan himself who is either very frustrated at the show or just enjoys self-defecating humour. Either way, I laughed at this article.

Lost Rhapsody (YouTube)
A funny music video taking Weird Al Yankovic's version of "Bohemian Rhapsody" and putting Lost clips over the top of it. If you enjoy this, I also suggest you check out the "sequel". Equally as impressive, using uniquely animated versions of Lost scenes.

The FUN Song (YouTube)
Jack teaches Sawyer the F.U.N. song (from Spongebob Squarepants, I believe). By the by, I absolutely detest Spongebob, so it says a lot that I found this video hilarious!

Lost: The Sitcom (YouTube)
What if Lost was a sitcom? It's something I've always considered. Obviously, the likes of Hurley, Charlie and Miles would transfer over to the medium easily, but (as this video shows) the Lost Sitcom would also greatly improve the likability of other characters, such as Kate and Sayid. Highly recommended viewing, if only to hear the inspired choice of intro music.

Lost Parody #4 - Lord Of The Rings (YouTube)
I must admit, I find the "Lost Parody" series mildly amusing at best. The voices really annoy me, and the motion is overly amateurish. But, with the right setting, they can sometimes prove to be quite funny. This is my personal favourite.

Why Gregg Nations Should Get Fired (New York Times)
Okay, I came up with the title. I am not a huge fan of Gregg Nations, but I also don't envy his job. For those that don't know - Gregg has been tasked with keeping a "Bible" on Lost, to include everything from the ages of the characters, to where they were on the Island at any given date.

Unfortunately, Gregg seems to know about as much as we do. What started out as a small Word document has apparently spiralled into a mammoth task, one which it would appear Gregg is finding more and more difficult to keep on top of.

Gregg, being human, is prone to many continuity mistakes, as the above article shows. I don't know whether I pity Gregg or just plain dislike him, but when I hear about things such as the Charlotte's age debacle (sl-lost.com), I begin to question just how on top of things Damon, Carlton and Gregg actually are.

But, as always, the team then come back with a stellar episode and I forgive their shortcomings. Anyway, I found the NY Times article amusing in my own little personal one-sided battle with Gregg Nations, and thought I would share for anyone else who thinks his "Bible" is about as useful and accurate as our blogs.

Lost: The Synchronizing (YouTube)
A recap of the crash of Oceanic 815, as seen through the eyes of Desmond, The Others, The Tailies and our Survivors. There is also an Extended Edition available, although the original still stands up on its own as a fantastic piece of fanart. Hopefully, when Season 6 is finished, someone will produce something similar, such as chronociloical version of the full series.

Lost in 815 (YouTube) and Lost in 424 (YouTube)
The story of Lost retold in 8minutes 15seconds (Seasons 1 to 3) or in 4minutes 24seconds (Season 1 to 4, and yes, they are the right way around). Both the original and the updated. "..In 815" are probably my favourite pieces of fanart, and the fact that it featured as an extra on the official Lost DVDs just adds to its charm. "..In 424" is updated to include some of Season 4. Again, I for one am very excited to see if there will be a S1-S6 update when the show is over!

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