Thursday, 11 February 2010

Interpreting For The Masses - Eminem's "The Real Slim Shady"

My Interpretation of Eminem's "The Real Slim Shady"

Is anybody there?
Could Eminem please introduce,
What personality he will be utilising in this song?
Uh, we're gonna have a problem here...

You pretend like this is the first white-rap song to hit the charts,
Like the Beasties, Vanilla Ice and House Of Pain were just a mirage,
Which is somehow comparable,
To domestic abuse, but I don't really make the connection (Aah!)
It's the return of the... mack, was a successful song,
In the '90s, by a Death Row related artist who had no lasting meaning.
And Dr Dre said... nothing particularly important,
Since the NWA days, he's now just a figurehead (ha ha)!

Apparently women love Eminem,
But hate Slim Shady, because he,
Is a poster-child of bad behaviour and rude gestures,
Yet some women find that cute, so,
He keeps pretending like he is some kind of insane maniac,
But I guess he has a point, about parents who knee-jerk react,
Scolding Eminem for going on TV and saying what he likes,
While allowing Gordon Ramsay to call lesbian's "dykes",

"Yo momma is that, yo momma is this,"
Is the typical conversation of 'the little kids',
So don't be naive regarding their knowledge of the adult world,

Of course they're gonna learn everything on the playground,
Have you seen what's found,
On Channel 4 after midnight?

We're all really just animals,
Some of us are downright damnable,
And do worse than link 'bad' words into parables,

So if we allow Dirty Sanchez on our TV sets,
Surely it's okay for two men to wed?
But if you share Eminem's worldview, he has a solution;
Females act more promiscuous, and accept Eminem as the epitome of 'man'.

Well he's Slim Shady, or is he really Brady?
He's one-of-a-kind, of that there is no debating,
But now we just can't get him to shut up,
Please shut up, won't you shut up,
Please Slim Shady, we know you're not a lady,
But you have to know your rap lost all relevance,
With the release of your third LP,
But now we can't get you to shup up,
Please shut up, won't you shut up!

Ha-ha, I guess there's a little Slim Shady in all of us,
I mean,
Anybody can rap."

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