Thursday, 11 February 2010

Lost - Round-Up #1

Welcome to this weeks edition of The Lost Blogging Collective Round-Up - LA X / What Kate Does.

As you may have read, my laptop has been majorly hacked recently so I'm afraid this means I haven't had time to go as deep into the round-up as I had hoped. Expect more detail next time, if I ever get this laptop fixed!

For now, on with the round-up:

DarkUFO -
DarkUFO runs an aggregate site compiling various pieces of Lost fandom - analysis, recaps, podcasts, interviews, etc. Here is the highlights of what Dark has to offer us this week:

For starters, user Bookhouseboy is providing a look-back over the many years of Lost spoilers and showing just how accurate they proved to be. There is also Week 1's updates on the Lost Fantasy League and the Lost Prediction League. Although it may be too late to take part in this year's Leagues, they have always proved to be very good fun and worth keeping up with, even if you're not taking part.

Also included are links to The Lost Initiative video, the Official Lost Podcast, a special ODI podcast with Erika from LongLiveLocke and some links to Erika's analysis/recaps of LA X - parts 1 and 2.

Finally, there is the news of Jorge "Hurley" Garcia's own Lost Podcast. Jorge has always been close to the Lost fandom, with his regularly updated personal blog Dispatches From The Island a personal favourite of mine.

Room23 -
Like DarkUFO, Room 23 is another aggregate site, run by the diligent Paul Burrows. This week's highlights include a transcripted interview with Michael "Ben" Emerson, as well as an interview with newcomer Hiroyuki "Dogen" Sanada who, like our own Benny Bigggs from Finally Lost, is a new but very well-versed Lost fan himself. Finishing up on the interview front comes one featuring Anil, aka The ODI, another fantastic Lost blogger. It's always fun to see the fans on the other side of the interview.

Continuing with the fun side of things, Room 23 provides us with a Lost crossword to keep ourselves amused, as well as Lost bingo cards. Check them out.

Finally, Room 23 has posted a link to a neat article from the Lost fans over at Popular Mechanics who, as ever, try to pin down the madcap sci-fi of the Lost world into the laws of physics in the real world.

Not Confused, Just Lost -
Izi, NCJL's author, has provided us with an excellent recap/analysis of LA X split into part 1 and part 2. In addition to this, there is also a pretty extensive theory on how our dead Losties from previous seasons could fit into this new world, so definitely give that a read to jog your Lost memory back into action. (Also be sure to check out the comments sections for some of my raw, insane ramblings!)

On the non-analysis side of things, NCJL provides us with 2 cool videos this week - a side-by-side comparison of the Oceanic 815 scenes and also a look into how Lost looks to non-fans (and it is truly amazing how accurate some of their guesses turn out to be!)

Karen's Lost Notebook -
Karen has also split up her Lost analysis into two parts, but I'm afraid I haven't had the opportunity to properly read into Part 2. However, I know that Part 1 contains a lot of tantalising observations including the fact that what we have all been calling the nuclear bomb is in fact only a core, the many uses of the words "hold on/let go", joining me in noticing that Hurley is supposed to pass out at the sight of blood, and a whole variety of links to our Island being underwater.

Although Karen's style is a lot more fragmented than other Lost bloggers, to me this adds to the unique experience of her blog, an experience that leaves the reader with plenty of things to think about.

Fishbiscuitland -
Speaking of unique blogging styles, FBL favours telling a story with the ethos that "a picture speaks 1,000 words." Credit where it is due, FBL is always spot on with image selection and makes for one hell of a read, mixing the most appropriate images to some very good observations, including the suppositions that Ben may not be Ben, Cindy may not be an Other and that Jack is not sitting in row 23 in this alt-world. Check out the recap of LA-X here.

The Four Toed Foot -
Anna also provides many links to the Lost fandom from her blog, but the main update of this week is her analysis of LA-X. I haven't had the opportunity to read it myself, but I know she has been receiving strong reviews across the fandom.

Finally Lost -
Unfortunately Finally Lost's author, Benny Bigggs, hasn't had much time this week to update, however think of this as a great opportunity to read his excellent archive and see the world of Lost through a newcomer's eyes.

Vozzek69 -
Again, no updates from Vozz this week however he has been keeping busy appearing on The ODI's Podcast - Analysis Of LA-X. Have no fear - I know when the analysis comes, Vozzek's will be one of the best, as always!

Super Duper Stream -
Finally, me. I would not be so pretentious as to call my own LA X analysis excellent, but for what it is, here it is. There are also some amendments I would like to make, as well as a re-post of some of my favourite "fun" Lost stuff.

Finally, I am running a competition to win a free Lost t-shirt - please check that out and give it a go!

Week 2 Preview

I know some of you have already seen this week's episode, "What Kate Does" and while I personally have not, I thought it only fair to include links to the various analytic recaps that have already appeared on the web.

Room 23 provides a link to Doc Jensen's recap. Doc Jensen is a writer for Entertainment Weekly whose wild, wacky and frequently wrong theories make for some very entertaining reading. He's also fantastically knowledgeable about books and various other obscure cultural references, which alone makes him worth reading.

Our very own Izikavazo has made short work of reviewing What Kate Does. I know for a fact that will be worth reading, and look forward to doing so myself over the weekend. Finally, Jo over at Get Lost... With JOpinionated has provided us her initial thoughts on What Kate Does.

I know some of you may have noticed a few names popping up over this round-up and be wondering "why aren't they part of the Collective?" Well, rest assured I am not a practitioner of nepotism. I would love nothing more than for Erika, Jo and The ODI to join in on this project, however I know these three are all incredibly busy. Hopefully they may join us in future editions, but for now check out Jo's LA X initial thoughts and further reading, and stay tuned - the first edition of our Weekly Collective Q&A should be arriving shortly.

Keep up the blogging and commentating, and keep the Lost fandom alive!

See you all next week.

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