Sunday, 14 February 2010

Friday Fight Night - London Results

To be honest, I didn't catch much of the action at all this week, so I can only offer you the results.

There wasn't much happening tonight - mostly young boxers looking to add some extra wins to their records. The main fights were as follows:

Grzegorz Proksa (20(13)-0-0, 25yr) [W TKO] Tyan Booth (11(2)-6(2)-1, 26yr)
Proksa won the vacant European (EU) Middleweight title

Lenny Daws (20(8)-1(0)-2, 31yr) [DRAW] Jason Cook (26(13)-3(2)-1, 34yr)
Daws retained the British Light-Welterweight title by default

Steve Williams (9(3)-0-0, 25yr) [W Points] Michael Grant (12(1)-2(1)-1, 26yr)
Williams won the vacant English Light-Welterweight title

Stuart Hall (7(3)-0-1, 29yr) [W Points] Richard Szebeledi (4(0)-8(3)-0, 23yr)
Hall's next fight will be on 19th March for the English Bantamweight title

Freddie Turner (1(0)-0-0) [W Points] Jason Nesbitt (7(5)-103(11)-2, 36yr)
Turner made his professional debut

(stats given reflective of each fight's result)

From what I saw, the Daws v Cook fight was yet another close call, but one where I felt that the challenger had edged the win. This is perhaps the third such fight I have seen in recent months, thankfully from different promoters, however you can't help feeling that things fall too conveniently towards a rematch.

Anyway, I am not here to point fingers, but it is something I will be keeping an eye on to see if there is a trend in future fights. For now, I am glad to see fighters facing against one another at a similar age - I am growing sick of seeing fighters in their early 20s walk over fighters in their late 30s every week.

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