Sunday, 21 February 2010

Lost - Round-Up #2

Hey all,

It is looking unlikely that I will make my Sunday deadline for the write-up. A lot of real-life developments hamper my way, including the fact that I have bought a new car! (Go me!)

To help pass the time, I have compiled a bumper issue of "Weekly Round-Up", with the write-up to follow most likely Monday evening.

Time constraints again tie me down to more of a list format this week, but what a list it is! Here goes:

Episode 4 - The Substitute Write-Ups
Not Confused, Just Lost (Lost Blogging Collective)
Karen's Lost Notebook (LBC)
Fishbiscuitland (LBC)
Finally Lost - initial thoughts (LBC)
Devastate Boredom
Shapusens On TV
Get Lost With Jopinionated - initial thoughts

Random Blogs -Recently Updated
Ben's Frozen Donkey Wheel
Gulf Coast Offense
It's About Bunnies (Wordpress)
Jimmy's Lost Blog
Lost Is Gain
Lost Island Time
Lost Reflections
Lyly Ford
Nik At Nite
Pop Culture Addict (Lost section)
Sam's I Am
Scott Furrow
Sublime Lazy
The Stuff Of Legend

Random Blogs - Archive
Philly Girl (last updated - September 2009)
Musings Of A Lost Fanatic (last updated - May 2009)
Thinking Lost (last updated - April 2009)
blandestk (last updated - January 2009)

Remember to return back here once you are done visiting these awesome sites! (And remember to tell them I sent you ;-) )

I haven't had the opportunity to read each and every one of these blogs, but they all seem pretty cool! If you have any you would like mentioned in future weekly round-ups, or are interested in joining the LBC, chat back through the comments section!

A final note - some LBC shops and competitions you should check out - The Four Toed Foot has a new store, as does Room 23 (also featuring an awesome shot of young Kate "shopping" as their header image!), Vozzek69's awesome book is available here (and after his very unfortunate news, now is as good a time as any to purchase a copy, I think) and finally, my own free t-shirt competition will be ending this week - enter while you can!!


  1. Cool, thanks for the linkage! I'll shoot you my e-mail address, I would love to be take part in your weekly roundup....I've never been part of a Collective before!

  2. Thanks for the shout out! I'll send you my email address. Would love to see what this whole blogging collective thing is all about!


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