Monday, 8 February 2010

Lost - S6E1&2 - LA X Analysis - Amendments

The beauty of reading many Lost blogs is that, with the help of many minds, nothing goes unnoticed.

Unfortunately I, being one person, do actually make some obvious mistakes (shock! horror!!). So it stands that, besides making about a half dozen grammatical errors (which I have now corrected), I missed a couple of fairly major points in my Lost - LA X Analysis.

1) Thanks to reading Long Live Locke, I realised that Claire is in L.A., which means my theory that the psychic fed her a different lie knowing that the plane wouldn't crash and Claire wouldn't be forced to raise Aaron. My feeling now is that he really was just a scammer, like he told Mr Eko - perhaps there are a couple waiting in this alternate universe for Claire's baby. (Also thanks to UnLawyer in the comments section for pointing out the irony that Bram would die due to a stake through the heart - nice catch!)

2) Thanks to reading FishBiscuitLand, I realised another fairly major point - wasn't the whole drama of the plane crash, and subsequent lack of rescue, down to the fact that Oceanic 815 was off-course? In fact, according to Lostpedia, it is the "central" part of the series. So, if in this alternate universe everything seems to be going fine, why are we flying over the Island/Atlantis Island? (Damn I really need to re-watch Season 1!)

3) Thanks to missscarlett, regular commentator over at Not Confused, Just Lost, I felt I should clarify - I also agree that Hurley's stomach has probably hardened a lot over the long years of watching friends dying all around him, so it is safe to assume he has gotten over his phobia of blood - I just love pretending I am smarter than the Lost writers! :)

Well, I imagine that this "Amendments" series will probably become a regular thing. If you're feeling sorry for me, come take part in my Free Lost T-Shirt Competition!!

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