Monday, 15 February 2010

Game Review - Puzzled

Puzzled?, developed by Maturus Ltd, is a very challenging puzzle game for the mobile phone platform.

The version I have is 1.01 and, for a few pounds, this game represents fantastic value for money. At 260 levels long, there is plenty to play through.

The game is a basic puzzle game - you have levels of various sizes and shapes, and you have to move colourful blocks to touch other blocks of the same colour to eliminate them. Eliminate all blocks to pass the level.

The game progresses on a decent learning curve - you have to deal with the logistics of eliminating 3 blocks, then 5 blocks, then come the ice blocks, and don't get me started on the fire blocks.

The game's 260 levels are unlocked at the following pace - when you complete ten levels, you unlock another ten. You must complete all levels to unlock a further ten. While this makes for a long lasting game that really challenges you to face your brain and find a way past every single challenge, sometimes you will find yourself stuck on a certain level and wish for the ability to play on without discovering the secrets of that level.

In essence, the game is only as long as you are smart. Persevere, and you will be rewarded with 260 ways to test your mind - find a difficult level, and you will be left bored.

In my opinion, considering both the price and the platform, this game gives incredible value for money, longevity and challenge. Whether it is fun or not is up to the individual player to decide.


  1. I agree with all your comments about this game ... ermmm... Talking of being stuck.... how to get past level 149!!??

  2. i cant get passed level 97!!

  3. Bummer guys, I wish I could help you out :( but unfortunately the phone I had this game on has been lost, so I can't remember how to get by any of these levels!

    If you can provide a picture or a description of the levels I might be able to help :) I can't remember what ones they are off the top of my head.

  4. wew.. im stuck on 216 man.. cant solve anything further

    has anyone solved this game fully??

  5. nice game, i stuck in level 260. Can any one help.

  6. please help me om 143

  7. puzzled 2 is available now!!!but i cant download it to my particular phone,never mind.if you go to nokias website,you can buy it for a pound i think.

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