Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Weekly Website - The Four Toed Foot

(this is the second 'weekly' website of this week, so don't say I'm not good to you!)

The Four Toed Foot

To begin with describing The Four Toed Foot, I'm going to start with the trimmings then get to the main meal of this blog.

Firstly, 4TF, run by the fantastic Anna, provides a wealth of fun material for Lost fans - here you will find interviews, videos, contests, podcasts, more videos, shout-outs to other Lost bloggers and various other Lost-related findings.

But the main crux of 4TF is Anna's own analysis of each episode.

Usually posted on the Sunday after the show airs in both America and the UK (making this one of the few Lost blogs I can keep up with at the same pace as most other Lost fans), her analysis are very insightful and usually pick up on a lot of things that other bloggers have missed.

For example, Anna is the first blogger I have read to have instantly revisited the "skipping record/numerous iterations" theory that everyone had visited at some point during Season 5, and a theory that should have been glaringly obvious to all given this Season's new storytelling device.

Kudos also go out for noticing the piece of ankh resting at the bottom of the ocean floor along with (ironically enough) the four toed foot statue. But perhaps the biggest contribution Anna's blog has made to the Lost fandom this week is in proposing that the X in "LA X" neither means TEN nor LAX the airport - it is instead a nod to the comic book world, wherein X is used to denote an alternative universe. With our first glance at this "X" world coming from videos shown at Comi-con, perhaps this too should have been more obvious to the rest of us, but alas it is only Anna who has picked up on this thread.

A final word of praise - while I, like many other Lost fans, am busy proposing that Sayid is the embodiment of Jacob, instead of Smokey, Anna goes one step further and proposes that is is Frank, the 'candidate', who will be the future host of Jacob. It is that kind of analysing that keeps me reading Lost blogs, and I have major respect for Anna's theorising skills.

The one downfall of the 4TF in the past has been sporadic updates, but fortunately this year Anna has almost posted more in the past two months than she had done for the whole of 2009 - keep up the great work Anna!

So check out for yourself the fine work she has done over at 4TF, read more of her thoughts at the Lost Blogging Collective Q&As and particularly pay attention to her wonderful analysis.

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  1. thank you so very much for the wonderful words about my site. its a labor of love, and even though i had to take a "life hiatus" for the most part in '09, i am definitely back this year and will continue to keep it going through the finale and afterward. it's things like this that help keep me going and eager to share with the community as much as i can. it's a true pleasure to be able to put my thoughts out there, and a real joy to hear that they've been recognized and well-received. i'm blushing from this one for sure! :-)



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