Sunday, 28 February 2010

A Query

Which do you prefer:

The original font of typing, including BOLD, as well as italics?

Red font, also with BOLD, and here is how italics looks!

The darkest black, even DARKER with BOLD, but a bit lighter in italics!

Deep blue, deep BOLD blue, deep italics blue!!

Crazy purple, purple with BOLD, purple with italics!

Bright yellow, yellow BOLD, yeow italics!

Finally, dark green, BOLD, italics!

Help me pick the best colour please =) I trust your wise judgement.


  1. You're original font is definitely the easiest to read in my opinion. I can barely see the purple, green and blue against your background color. The original and the yellow both pop nicely!


  2. Thanks for the feedback :) I think I might use the yellow on occassions (probably in my boxing section more than Lost), but I was hoping to find something better than the bold font - it doesn't look very bold on original to me.

    Maybe I'll start using black for bold. :)


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