Friday, 26 February 2010

Lost - S6E4 The Substitute - Analysis pt 3 - Bulletpoints

So, here we are at our final part of this Analysis: Bulletpoints. Please read the Theories and Episode Review segments if you have not done so already. These Bulletpoints are simply little details that wouldn't fit anywhere in either the Review or the Theories.

I'm Wondering, Fellas
If You've Heard The News

- Perhaps Locke just really likes the rain?
- The whole Locke/Helen/'Jack' scene was so beautifully one - expertly performed and brilliantly written, I just wish the writers could tie up all their loose ends in such a way (Walt, Libby). Here, the writers shrugged off the whole Locke & Jack connection in a simple and wonderful way - without the need to draw it out over 10 episodes, numerous flashbacks and multiple monologues.
- Did the 1977 Others have some mode of transportation (such as a boat)? Did the Island sink in 1977, or at another point in time (ie did the bomb cause the volcano to sink the Island in the 1980s, for example)? Finally, are the 'new' Ethan and Ben normal people in this timeline, or are they undercover Others? - These are three very related questions that should ideally be answered sometime soon.
- We really need to study Anthony Cooper's timeline and figure out how Locke can be in a wheelchair yet still have a relationship with this man.

- Frank totally broke the 4th wall - he is like a Season 1-era Hurley, only far less subtle. However, like Ferris Beuller, his addressing the audience is forgivable.
- Smokey repeating Locke's "Don't Tell Me What I Can't Do" line (twice!) was a pretty cool moment, but totally left me all "WTF Mate?!"
- Finally, it has been said before, but the Ajira flight leaves me completely confused on all aspects. I am sure I'll need to re-watch several episodes to even begin to understand the entire timeline of events, but I wouldn't be surprised if there turns out to be more than two timelines running concurrently on the show. Even if this turns out to be the case, it still doesn't explain why Sun was left behind on the plane while everyone else flashed back to 1977. I could argue that she isn't a Candidate, but then neither is Kate, so that doesn't make sense. "WTF Mate?!"

- Speaking of the Locke/Helen scene, I really don't like Carlton and Damon written episodes. "The Life And Death Of Jeremy Bentham" was the perfect way to tie up Walt, and Abaddon's, storyline. I'm sure if the likes of Elizabeth Sarnoff had been the lead scribe, it would have been handled well. Instead, D&C dropped the ball completely. Even the highly emotional Ben-killing-Locke scene was a bit ridiculous. Ben saves Locke, just to find out that Locke has Jin's ring and knows Eloise Hawking's name, then kills him... yeah, what? Sorry, personal rant over - I just hope that D&C do not write the final episode. I have always been a bit hit-and-miss with whether I like the episodes they have wrote or not, and lately it has been no more than yes.
- On a more positive note, in honor of Sawyer's impromptu disco, all the titles across the three parts this week have been Iggy Pop lyrics. How many of you noticed? Leave your name in the comments section to win a NoPrize, but for now, it's time to -

Get Up
And Get Out


  1. Chris, Kate is a candidate, her named appeared as #51 in the lighthouse. I like the theory that only candidates time travel and might explore that in a blog

  2. Strange that she isn't one of the numbers - also, strange that she isn't crossed out.

    I guess there's a lot more to this mystery still to be revealed :) thanks for pointing that out to me!


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