Monday, 8 February 2010

Weekly Website - Kongregate

Weekly Website:


Kongregate is a place that combines the quick-fix hit of flash gaming with the community-based scoring of Xbox Live gamer scores.

Here, you can choose to simply spend a few hours playing a variety of short, yet extremely high quality, independently created flash video games. My favourites include the various Tower Defense games, as well as the Storm The House series. There is something for everyone here.

However if, like me, you are a rather ego-driven, high score chaser, these games come complete with various achievements and badges you can collect - kill a certain number of enemies, for example, and you may earn a badge. Each achievement comes with some points that are added to your total score, as well as a neat badge against your profile.

I had already played many of these games via NotDoppler (a website I have frequented for a long time), so I set myself a challenge - get to Level 10 within a month of playing. As you can see, I almost completed this goal, missing my deadline by a mere 3 days.

Finally, another reason Kongregate deserves praise is its emphasis on heaping accolade and money on the games developers. Ad revenue is shared with the game creators, with 25% to 50% going directly to them, as well as the opportunity to very easily donate/tip the developers of your favourite games.

I highly recommend checking out Kongregate - whether you want to chase high scores or not, there are plenty of fun games here for all tastes!

Also, check out my profile if you wish to add me - d3v01d

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