Sunday, 28 February 2010

Lost - CaféPress Competition - Final Entrants List


Just so you know, I have not forgotten about the competition! I am just clarifying with CaféPress how the winner can claim their prize... and to keep you all in suspense, I'm not going to announce the winner until that time!

The complete list of entrants are as follows. For those who entered the original competition ("How do you think Season 6 will end?") I have given you a bonus spot in the competition - everyone else gets one number. I will be rolling a randomly generated number in the next few days, and whichever one I roll gets the prize.

Entrants are:

1) RowanRaven*
2) Kelsi
3) random2502
4) Hyla
5) Michelle
6) ObFuSc8
7) Suzie-Q
8) sarah
9) Yuri
10) Anna N
11) anna
12) Fae V
13) iLostie
14) lucindaa
15) @fabro84
16) Erin
17) kaci jo
18) Sharon Rose
19) senyorcitoninja
20) RowanRaven*

If you believe I have missed you off the list - now is your time to speak up and make sure you are included!

Thanks to everyone that took part :) to tide you over while we wait to hear back from CaféPress, have a read of how RowanRaven thinks Season 6 will end, followed by what my answer would have been (had I not been running the competition myself!)

* RowanRaven: "I keep telling my fellow LOSTies that *everyone* will die. But, that's not what I want to happen -- I just think it would make for one unique and astounding television ending. No, it should not end as a dream, a la Bob Newhart, but instead it should end with widespread desolation and destruction. Okay, that's not very nice, I know! I see the ending as this:

The two divergent timelines are "healed" by something Jack finally does (not sure what that might be just yet). Most everyone else in "Original Flavor" Timeline will have died, including Sawyer. *sniff!* The loop finally stops looping; Jack's eye will stop opening (as it did in the Pilot of Season 1).

Oh! I could go on and on. Let's just say LOST is a tragedy, not a comedy, so it better not end with a wedding, dammit. Thanks for running a cool contest!"

Chris: "I would have Lost end in some way so that we could go back and watch Season 1 Episode 1 and experience a perfect cycle. I would have Hurley and Jack die - only to be reincarnated as the new Jacob and Smokey respectively, who would somehow engineer things to keep the "game" that Jacob and Smokey are playing going indefinitely, creating a loop, meaning we can re-watch the series again and again and feel like we are experiencing the one, eternal, storyline."


  1. Cant wait to see who wins! (:

  2. Hey Kelsi,

    Wait no longer, the winner was announced here!

    I'm sorry you didn't win this one :( but hopefully I'll get to run another comp sometime soon.

    Thank you so much for taking part though :)


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