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To surmise; I am a huge fan of reading and writing. Literally anything literary is of interest to me - novels, poems, lyrics, magazines, comics, even cereal boxes. I am the kind of guy that puts subtitles on DVDs to read rather than hear.

I have penned many things in my life - I have wrote many lyrics, stories, even a few novels (which I hope to get published at some point in the future).  I have also wrote thousands of sentences online - comments, articles, codes, emails - you name it, I've wrote it.

Everything, that is, except a regular blog. I have tried, and failed, several times. However, I hope that this time I have cracked the code.

Super Duper Stream is a collection of all my interests and writing styles. I do not promise that it will be my best, most coherent and fluid work, but it will certainly be a journey. As the name implies, most of this posting will contain whatever is on my mind at the time - reviews, gossip, musings, etc. However, there are a few posts that will contain some structure:

 - every Monday is "Weekly Website" day
 - every Tuesday is "Weekly Song"
 - every Thursday is "The Lost Bloggers Collective Q&A" day (more details found here)
 - every Friday is "Weekly Image"
 - most Saturdays are "Boxing Analysis" day
 - every Sunday is "Lost Analysis"

Now I make no promise to keep to this schedule, especially where the Lost Analysis is concerned. Lost and Friday Night Boxing are on at the same timeslot each week, so it may take me a day or two longer to provide those posts. My personal life is not very regularly scheduled (and I don't think life should be!) so treat the above as a guideline, not a rule.

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy yourself and make your way around my blog. I will launch a "Best Of" section in the future to showcase what articles are my personal favourites. Here are my details, feel free to contact me regarding anything!

 - Chris
 - lostquestions23@gmail.com