Friday, 6 February 2015

Jupiter Ascending

Hello all,

Not going to post a great deal on this movie as, frankly, it doesn't deserve to have a great deal written about it.

While on paper, saying that "the creators of The Matrix remake Star Wars" sounds good, I think we have to remind ourselves that outside of the original Matrix, the Wachowskis haven't actually made anything good. Ever.

They are a one-hit-wonder that keep having tens of millions of dollars thrown at them. They made a good, solid sci-fi movie but had to sully the water with an insipid love story that goes nowhere. There is no real emotion between Jupiter and Caine and the sham wedding sub-plot really destroyed my suspension of disbelief.

Feminism is a hot topic at the moment and while a lot of the more extreme examples online are, well, extreme, the general gist of feminism is a good cause that deserves backing. That Mila Kunis's "Jupiter" turned into a dumb, doe-eyed caricature as soon as she started falling for Channing Tatum's "Caine" is a travesty that shouldn't come from the creative minds of a sibling duo that have faced media backlash following Lana's gender realignment.

Maybe that's looking too into things for your liking, so I will make it simple - if you like Star Wars including The Phantom Menace, you will like this film. If you liked Star Wars but hated The Phantom Menace, you will hate this film. Imagine two+ hours of Luke and Leia looking at each other longingly and sharing awkward kisses and you essentially have Jupiter Ascending, plus a bunch of futuristic roller skating.

Avoid it.

Cheerio for now.

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