Friday, 5 March 2010

Weekly Website - Never Seen Lost

The Final Season Of Lost
As Seen By Someone
Who Has Never Seen Lost

I'm sure you guys are feeling overwhelmed at the quantity of quality Weekly Websites this "week", however I have just found another one that I am sure you all will love.

"Never Seen Lost" is a blog like no other. While we have had the pleasure of viewing Lost through nubile eyes via our LBC member "Finally Lost" (who recently sped-viewed the first five seasons of Lost for the very first time in anticipation of Season 6), "Never Seen Lost" goes one step further and is actually watching Lost for the very first time starting with Season 6!

This has produced a hilarious, insightful and wonderfully innocent blog detailing his thoughts, feelings and theories on just what in the heck is going on. Some of the observations will be utterly hilarious to hardcore fans (immediately, he notices something is amiss with Richard's guyliner; believing Dr Ethan Goodspeed is a fake name), while some of them are just plain insightful (the reason Sawyer fell down the ladder was due to him still being drunk; why didn't Locke just call Helen from a cell phone when his van ramp jammed?).

The blog author does a great job of blending dry and sarcastic humour without tipping over the edge into bitterness. Add in his original, low-budget illustrations to accompany the Lost proceedings, and you have a hilarious, eye-opening and rather wacky Lost blog.

There isn't a great deal of posts to be read (what with it only being episode 6 so far), so I will shut up now and let you continue to experience "Never Seen Lost" for yourself.


  1. If you want people to read your blog, consider using proper grammar.

  2. Kindly point out precisely what is wrong with the grammar and I will try to correct it in future.

    For the record however, I want people to read this blog only if they enjoy the blog, get some interesting information out of it and are entertained by my unique writing style.

    Unless, however, you are directing your pseudo-aggressive anonymous comment towards the blog "Never Seen Lost", in which case I can't really help you there, you'll need to take your linguistic letdown lamentations up with the owner and/or author of said blog.


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