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Lost Blogging Collective Q&A - Week 7

Hey all! Busy time this week, so check out previous Q&As if you are new to this, otherwise lets get straight into the questions:

 - What one guest/past character would you like to see return in the "alt" world, and how would YOU write them into the storyline?

 - Which side do you think each of our main characters will end up on when the dust has settled and all is said and done. Who will choose to have faith in Jacob / the Island, and who will choose to trust Smokey and his promises?

Karen @ Sam's I Am


1) I guess the one character I would like to see in FS timeline would be Mr. Eko. He was such an awesome character on the island and I think he really deserves to have some sort of redemption story in the FS. I could see him being the one who became a priest as opposed to his brother, or something along those lines. After all, he was building a church on the island.

2) As far as sides go, I think that Jack will ultimately wind up on the side of faith; thus, coming full circle from his first season attitude as a man of science. I can now see Ben being on the side of faith as well, if he makes it to the end. Hurley is definitely going to be on the side of good as his character has remained kind-hearted throughout the series, and I would hate to see them change that in any way; but they really need to get that red shirt off of him!!! It seems that Sayid is now lost to Smokey, but I have hopes that he will still come back around somehow. Sawyer seems to be on Team Sawyer now, so I can see him not choosing any sides, but I have my doubts about Sawyer's chances of making it to the end too. Kate will follow which ever male she is with at the time...whether that be Jack, Sawyer...or Aaron. Claire is just a loon. Just sign her up for the looney bin right now. She needs a power of attorney to make any kind of side-choosing decisions. Sun and Jin...hard to say.

Paul @ Room 23


1) I know that we have seen Charlie but I would like to see his sideways story finish well. Liam helps him kick his drug addiction and he meets Claire and they fall in love, are married and they raise Aaron together.

As for a new character I would like to see Mikail. Maybe Paik hired Keamy to kidnap or scare Jin to keep him working for him and now that Keamy is dead Paik hires Mikail to go after Jin and Sayid has to protect him. (Keamy was a mercenary so he probably had more then one employer and was also hired by someone else to injure Sayid’s Brother).

2) I actually think that all of the main characters will eventually see through MIB’s lies. Sawyer and Kate are already just on MIB’s side to save themselves and to save Claire. I think that somehow Sayid and Claire will snap out of it and join Team Jacob. But there will be a penalty for that and I’m betting that a number of the Losties will die because of their choices. As for Desmond I can’t see him on any side other then Jacob.

Jeff @ Moving Fiction

1) I'd want Mr. Eko to make an appearance in the flashsideways, perhaps as part of an R&B duo with his brother Yemi... They could sing love songs to God.

2) That's a tough question, I feel like in the end, only one answer will matter for all the Losties. Whatever is coming, will somehow effect the whole group no matter who picked what. I sort of think that Jacob will inevitably lose his battle with the Man in Black, and whatever his smoke monsterness decides to do, will be the fate of all Losties. As I don't see Jack and Sawyer picking the same side, and neither of them have a totally horrible/totally fixed life in the flash sideways, I just think the whole gang is going to be rolled into a picnic blanket and dumped into the Flash Sideways, all becoming conscious in that time line right where this season began, on 815-2.

Ernie @ Gulf Coast Offense


1) Of course the popular picks will be Mr. Eko and Libby, but let's go off the path a little more. I think it would be cool to see Mr. Friendly again. Since he's so good at throwing a football, how about make him the head football coach at the high school where Ben and Locke work. We can see him throwing his awkward passes again! For another obscure character, can we get some resolution on the Scott/Steve running joke? Let's get Scott/Steve in the alt world, stat!

2) I get the feeling that all the characters will end up on the same side in the end, but I'm still not sure which side that will be. From the promises Smokey is making, I'm getting the feeling that he's the man behind the alt world. I mean, Jacob is dead, so it remains to be seen what power he still holds. So for now, I'm saying that the alt world is the result of Smokey and his twisted way of fulfilling all the promises he's made to the characters.

Ms Wendy @ It's About Bunnies!


1) If it were possible, I would like to see The Degroots (Gerald and Karen... I know..that's more than one). They could be the administrators of the hospital that we've seen some of our Losties/Other appear at, with more showing up in the future. The Degroots would be trying to be leaders in "alternative medicine", using their "techniques" on their patients... and we would finally find out more about the purpose/effects of the Dharma experiments.

However, since most of the flash-sideways tend to lean toward the "happy(ish) ending", I will lobby for a Carmen Reyes appearance. Maybe she could be busy trying to coordinate Hugo's wedding (to Starla, Libby or someone else, remains to be seen) or helping Hugo with his many business ventures. It would be fun to see that the now smooth Hugo can still be a little rattled by his mom. And we need, at least, one more hilarious line from her before the show is over.

2) Since LOST likes to keep us guessing about "Who's Who" until the end, I will throw out this lame, crackpot theory that I have. :)

I have a feeling that, despite appearances, somehow those who are among " The Numbers" (Reyes, Shephard, Ford, Jarrah, Kwon and even, Locke) will be together. They will all be on the same side (Jacob/The Island), which will bring about "It only ends once...". And if it may be more "Star Wars" - like this season, from what I've heard, we could see all of our main characters decide for the "Light Side". ( It's already shaping up that Ben and Widmore may actually be on the same side... so why not!) ;) This would eventually include MIB , as he becomes more and more like Locke. In SW, Darth Vader seemed like he was the "centerpiece" of the "Dark Side" until the final scenes of the last chapter. We also found out that there was one higher up than him. In the end, Darth Vader reverted back to the "Light Side" from where he originated, helping to destroy the Empire that he helped build. In similar order, the final battle on LOST will be with the true "bad guy" (TBA) and his many minions of Red Shirt "stormtroopers".

Hey, I said it was lame. ;)

Sagacious Penguin @ Stuff And Nonsense


1) I remember hearing early reports that Mira Furlan had declined to appear this season, but if this is a best-case-scenario dream answer, then I'd want to see Rousseau appear in the Altered Universe. Imagine how different her life would be if her team had never arrived on Island. Would she have still lost Alex somehow due to fate? Or would she be living in LA sending her daughter to school to be taught by Dr. Linus? I think I'd write her in as still searching for her daughter, fate having somehow again separated them, and maybe this time Ben could be the force that brings them back together, rather than the force that tears them apart...

2) I have a feeling that pretty much ALL our main characters will unite in the end against the notion of taking sides and in favor of some uber-brave heroic act that will remove the threat of the Island (while maintaining it's vital function) once and for all. Unbeknownst to them, however, this is exactly what Jacob's hoping they will do, and it's the reason he's treated them with such "tough love" all along. (i.e. not giving them answers, explanations, visible helping hands, etc.) He could not explain his behavior to Ben in The Incident, because he needs Ben and the rest of his Candidates (and ex-Candidates) to lash out against bias and taking sides and to be/act completely selfless. The ultimate test/decision will come down to choosing sides and conflict vs. sacrifice and peace. Everyone, with the exceptions of the Man In Black and Widmore, will choose sacrifice and peace. Even Sayid and Claire will find themselves again.

Miss Scarlett @ Knittnfool

1) I know, I know. But I can barely contain myself - I want Sawyer back with Juliet. Already.

(Ordinarily I would have been thrilled to see Charlotte - but I would have wanted Daniel Faraday to meet her for drinks, not Sawyer!)

So, I'm waiting to see Juliet. Alive and well in the Flash Sideways.

And Daniel Faraday.

As to how I would write them in....Juliet could be Daniel's caretaker that we didn't see in Season 4. He may be in touch with Hurley after he sees a television report/retrospective on Lottery winners and their methods (you know, when he's flipping between news stories that make him cry) and the mention of the Numbers has him force his caretaker to travel with him to LA to extrapolate on the origin of the Numbers.

Whaddaya think?

Hurley could freak out that Daniel is a nutcase and what the? Here's Sawyer to help him out, since he's a cop and all, and Sawyer meets Juliet! Ta Daaa!

2) Oh man. Ok. Well, unless Jacob starts delivering for some of his followers I don't know how many will stick it out. Ditto for Flocke.

BUT: I think Jack will side with Jacob in the end. Jin and Sun are a toss up. I feel uncomfortable making a prediction because we know so little about what the REAL agenda is here. Jin, Sun & Kate have real incentive to return to LA: their children. So unless Jacob will be providing a means to that end, these 3 might end up with Flocke.

I have a feeling that things are going to come down to Sawyer choosing to be the hero who allows for a conclusion to the "war". What that will look like, I can't begin to guess.

Chris @ SuperDuperStream


1) Now that we have seen Charlie and Claire again, and with Walt being pretty much abandoned, the only character that still needs real resolution is Libby. During Jorge Garcia's recent live fan Q&A, that was certainly the hot topic of debate, and Jorge even shed some light on the Libby situation - but I wont say a word for those wanting to remain unspoiled. As ever, his answers were vague enough to not bring down the wrath of the Lost writers, but if we never get to see Libby's original backstory, then I at least want to see her in the alt world somehow!

As for how I would write her in - the episode begins with Hurley putting on the corporate smiley-face for the TV cameras, maybe as part of an interview for the opening of a new business venture. But once the cameras stop rolling and he has a moment to himself, some sadness creeps over his normally-cheery face. He goes home and is consoled by his loving parents. Nothing concrete is discussed, but talks of "her" and how he should try to see "her" again, how they made a lovely couple and it was a shame the wedding didn't get to go ahead after all. The whole episode creates the feeling that Hurley has lost a great love, through some sort of drama, and that he is being coaxed into trying to win her back, propose to her again perhaps. However, the last shot sees him entering the familiar room of Santa Rosa, where the camera angle and motions directly parallel Season 2, as it whips back to reveal a crazy, black-haired Libby, with a devastated Hurley there to visit. The penny drops, as once again we don't know why Libby came to be there, but we realise that she is the woman he lost, and he lost her to something a lot worse than another man.

2) I think the final battle with be an all-out war with members on both sides - Team Jacob comprising Jack, Ben, Hurley, Ilana, Widmore, Frank and Richard, Team Smokey comprising Sun, Jin, Sayid, Sawyer, Miles, Claire and Kate, roughly speaking, although
I think there will be some grey-area members as well. That being said, none of the Team Smokey members will mean to be there (except Sayid, who can't change). Claire has been manipulated and just wants to see her kid again, the same goes for Sun and Jin. Kate and Sawyer try to save everyone else, but get caught in a trap that they can't get out of. Miles will just follow Sawyer wherever he goes, and with those diamonds, getting off the Island doesn't look too bad a prospect. The only one who will come out a true villain in the end will be Sayid, who I can envision killing Sawyer in the closing moments of the series.


  1. My favourite answers this week come from Ernie (Mr Friendly and Scott/Steve would be great additions to the alt world!) and Sagacious Penguin (I like the idea that even Claire and Sayid will end up on the side of good, even if I personally don't believe it will happen).

    But, honestly, all the answers this week were awesome! Thanks a bunch guys =D

  2. I now want Mr. Friendly back, too! He should at least appear to Hurley to offer him a fish biscuit :)

  3. Chris, I love your Hurley/Libby story!!

  4. Thank you so much Karen :) my heart was breaking writing it :(


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