Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Weekly Website - Dispatches From The Island / Geronimo Jack's Beard

Dispatches From The Island

Any fan of Lost should know immediately the face and name of one Mr Jorge Garcia. He is the man who, week in and week out, provides us with such great entertainment with his acting skills as Hugo "Hurley" Reyes.

The man behind the character, Jorge is just as friendly, personable, inviting and mad (in a lovable way) as his on-screen counterpart. As far back as 2007, Jorge opened up the doors into his personal life and has been maintaining, regularly, a fun, random and wonderful blog about his personal life - his adventures, his experiences, his pictures.

It is hard to describe Jorge's blog without running short of positive and warm adjectives, but suffice to say if you love the character, you will love the man, and you will most definitely love his blog.

Geronimo Jack's Beard

The second part of this Weekly Website is a spin-off of Dispatches From The Island. As far back as September last year, Jorge and his girlfriend Beth (aka Sidekick 22) have been recording a podcast for each new episode of Lost. In these podcasts, the duo take us through the episode but the focus is more on the scripts and behind the scenes stuff, with the usual dose of fan-theories thrown in. It is awesome to hear Jorge discuss this stuff like the rest of us fans, and Beth certainly holds her own in the hardcore theorising department.

There is cute banter between the couple, with random insights into their life sprinkled all over this very fun, very awesome podcast. Again, nice words just keep flowing when trying to describe the vibe I get from listening to these (just try to spend a few minutes on their website without feeling like a throwback to the lovefest of the '60s, then you will understand all the "vibe" and "dude" talk).

It's only fair to end this Weekly Website posting by mentioning Beth's own website, which serves as a hub to her writing work. Check it out also, it is pretty funky and cool (and now... back to the 2010s!)

Bethany James Leigh Shady


  1. You're a confusingly sarcastic guy Jorge, but I love ya :P

  2. Ah, you both crack me up :) easy to see why you are an item :)

    Keep up the fun times! :D


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