Monday, 8 March 2010

American Boxing - An Observation

I have recently discovered a TV channel that carries American boxing, so I may begin blogging more about that too when I get the chance.

From what little I have seen however, I have made a startling observation - American boxers seem to be a lot more vicious, in almost an MMA/UFC kinda way.

One fight I saw recently had a muscular, tattooed, WWE-wrestler-looking man squaring off against a podgy, middle-aged, punch-bag-looking man. The first guy was simply throwing wild, ugly punches, several a second, while his opponent was doing all he could to block - arms up, at one point he threw a knee, but nothing could stop this battering machine.

This was the low point on an animalistic show. At least the other fights seemed evenly matched - two muscular, rabid fighters throwing wild, horrible punches at each other with seemingly no thought to tactics, accuracy, skill.

For a first impression, I was equally impressed at the bravery of these men, and shocked at the complete disregard for their own and their opponent's health and well-being. Hopefully not all American boxing shows are like this one, but for now I will keep an eye on the TV schedule and try to find more and report back.

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