Monday, 22 March 2010

Give To Charity (And Get Something In Return)

In order to raise money for Autism Speaks, Lost podcasting stalwarts Jay And Jack held a 30-hour marathon podcast over the weekend, featuring many varied, Lost-related guest stars.

Highlights included Damon Lindelof chatting about the future (and revealing that Lost may continue in some format if there is a high enough fan demand - but he stressed there are absolutely no plans whatsoever to continue Lost beyond Season 6).  That was on Saturday, and on Sunday, Jorge "Hurley" Garcia chatted for almost two hours about burgers, general TV and finished off the marathon by answering some great questions about Lost, such as "What do Apollo bars taste like?", "Does Keamy really make great eggs?" and "Will we ever get any resolution on the Libby backstory?".  As a bonus, Jorge gave an exclusive insight into his own personal Lost theory if we could raise $500 within an hour.  Needless to say we succeeded, and got to hear first hand how Jorge thinks Lost might end.

Brilliant fun, and a great way to raise money - if you want to join in, the great news is you can! Jay and Jack have extended the donation period for a further week, so here's how you can donate. At present, we have raised almost $23,000, with an ultimate goal of reaching $30,000.

  1. Visit and check out their ongoing eBay auction for your chance to get exclusive signed, rare and unique Lost memorabilia.
  2. Send cheque donations to Jay And Jack, PO Box 40082, Raleigh, NC, 27629.
  3. Head over to PayPal and donate by sending a 'personal gift' to

It's really that simple! Now, award your good charity by heading over to LongLiveLocke to enter into Erika's free prize draw to win a Lost-related t-shirt! See, what comes around goes around.

Donate.  Enter.  Help improve people's lives, and have the chance to get a Lost t-shirt for your efforts.  Feels good to be nice, doesn't it?

Happy donating, everybody!


  1. Hi! How I can win this T-shirt!???

  2. T-shirt comp is now closed, I'm afraid :( check out over the next few days to see who won.


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