Friday, 5 March 2010

Weekly Website - Nik At Nite

No sooner had I just updated the LBC group list, we now have our newest and 16th member - Nikki Strafford from the awesome Nik At Nite.

Nik At Nite

Nik At Nite is a very well put together blog by Nikki, who is an accomplished author and shining beacon to all hardcore fans of TV shows.

As well as having written several "Finding Lost" companion books, Nikki has put her writing talents to good use covering many other TV shows including Buffy and Angel (which gains her major cool points in my opinion!)

But this WW is concentrating on her blog - and what a blog it is. While, like many of us, Nikki provides a recap/analysis of each Lost episode, hers are focused on a list format - observations, questions and answers. This makes for some light reading after viewing several in-depth re-writes of each episode, but does not detract from the depth and skill of Nikki as an analyser.

Also, this year Nikki is providing us with several Lost Haikus for our enjoyment - and I for one love haikus! Throw into the mix videos, image competitions, random updates about other TV shows and a general focus on the readers/fans/commentators, and you have yourself a friendly, deep and well-maintained blog - Nikki has regularly maintained a 250 post per year average, but this year she is already well on her way to topping that with over 100 posts in the first 2 months alone. It's mind-boggling!

So, I'd like you all to give a warm welcome to the latest member of our Lost Blogging Collective, and a terrific blogger, Ms Nikki Strafford!

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