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Lost Blogging Collective Q&A - Week 5

The Lost Blogging Collective is a collection of 16 (and growing) Lost bloggers. Our aim is to bring together as many theories, blogs and fans together before the end of Season 6 to try to figure out what the heck is going on, but mostly to just have fun and enjoy each others company and websites!

The two main parts of this project are the Weekly Round-Up, where you can find all the best blogs and sites in the one place, and the Weekly Q&A, where each week we answer 2 questions loosely based on that week's episode.

Check out the latest Round-Up here, as well as Week 1, Week 2, Week 3 and Week4 of the Q&A.

This week's questions are based on the point-of-view of the characters instead of the fans. Hopefully you enjoy reading our answers as much as we enjoy answering them! The questions are:

1) You are Miles. Sayid has burst into the Temple and asks you to choose - pick Jacob and stay within the Temple with the people that have kidnapped you, tortured you and mysteriously told you to stay put, on the promise of 'safety', or pick Smokey and go on a vague journey with a monster that has promised to kill everyone and anyone who disagrees with him. Should you stay or should you go? Who do you trust at this point?

2) You are Kate. You have found yourself far from home following three people you thought were your friends - one is a zombie monster, one is a lunatic and the other has recently caused the death of many and is trying to convince you to follow the zombie monster so that all your dreams can come true. All you want to do is grab the lunatic and make a run for it. What do you do? What CAN you do?

Karen @ Karen's Lost Notebook

1) Oooh, this is a quandary, indeed. At this point it’s all about Miles picking the side that most agrees with his “scale”. At this point I’m still heading with Locke. He seems to be trying to free those who have been also trapped by Jacob on the “island”. But this is LOST and we’re still in the dark about who may represent which side of the scale. Maybe Jacob and Locke will find a way to see eye to eye and balance will be achieved.

2) Kate and Locke did share an interesting look with each other and we can’t ignore the point that Kate looked at smoky in action and appeared to watch in a sort of peaceful wonder. But Locke’s goal is to get off the island and Kate wants to get Claire off the island to be with Aaron so she should stay with him. Maybe Kate is done running.

But if I (Kate) want to run then when Locke and his flock of followers aren’t looking I grab the lunatic and run. Who knows…maybe Locke won’t kill us. But how far could I run and where could we hide without having to come face to face with something again. I think facing things is part of the whole “Island” adventure so it’s only a matter of time before that issue would come up again. Unless I get to be the new guardian of the island.

Vozzek69 @ Things I Noticed

1) As Miles, I'm staying with the temple. I've gone on one-too-many vague journeys across the island, and I'm pretty sick and tired of them. The people in the temple have answers, and eventually they'll reveal them. Wandering through the jungle... been there, done that. It just doesn't sound so appealing anymore.

2) As Kate, you appeal to Claire's womanly/motherly sensibilities. Of course this doesn't work, because Claire is bat-shit crazy. So you slip away, fill your canteen, cock-tease Jack some more, and then go look for Sawyer. When rejected (again) by Sawyer, you simply repeat the process. That's Kate's loop.

Paul @ Room 23

1) Well these Temple guys are kind of jerks, especially that Lennon guy and that Dogen with his torture device, but Sayid has been acting creepy ever since he died and came back to life. I know that he was really dead for two hours. So even though the Temple guys have been jerks I think that I’ll stay put. I think that while I don’t trust them totally its better here then out there.

2) Well I made a promise to Claire’s Mother that I would return to the island in order to return Claire to Aaron. Locke has always been a whack-job, but he seems even more messed up than normal, so I’m nervous about him. I’ve seen him blow up the Others communication station and their Sub which was the only way of leaving the island for who knows what reason. Not to mention the Hatch near the beach camp. He’s always been so focused on stuff without thinking about the results. But he seems even crazier now, there’s something off about him. And even Sayid, he’s always been stable, I could always trust him. But after all that has happened at the Temple I’m not sure what to think of him. But I made a promise to save Claire so I plan on following them until I can hopefully talk some sense into her. I just worry about her, she’s starting to remind me a little of Rousseau.

Scott @ The Stuff Of Legend

1) If I'm Miles, I probably have to go by the old saying "The devil you know is better than the devil you don't know." Since Sayid didn't mention that the "man" he had met also happened to be a formerly dead John Locke who now smells vaguely of smoke, there was no way for Miles to know who exactly he was following...other than Sayid, who is a person that he knows, (probably) trusts, and has proven to be a pretty good guy to have on your side.

Meanwhile, who is really left at the Temple that he would want to stay with? And, to your point, what reason does he have to believe that these are really the "good guys"?

So, yeah...if I'm Miles I'm going with Sayid. (Of course, lucky for Miles, he didn't actually have to stick with either choice, since he got rescued by the Ilana/Frank team.)

2) Ugh, I have to be Kate? Hmmm...this one will be tougher.

Well, at this point she's pretty much sold out to the idea of reuniting Claire and her bay-bee. Where else is she going to go? She finally blew off Jack (funny that the one time she DOESN'T tag along with Jack, this is what happens), Sawyer basically told her to hit the bricks...unless she's going to try and set up an unprecedented Love Pentagon by going after Miles, I guess she's pretty much committed to sticking with Claire at this point.

And, just like with Miles, she doesn't have all of the information that we do...she doesn't know that Claire has become an axe-wielding, trap-setting, more homicidal version of Rousseau. Although, to be honest....shouldn't the hair have given it away?

The Shapusens @ Shapusens On TV

1) I’m a go-with-the-flow kind of guy. When we were jumping through time I went with the group. When we were in Dharmaville, I happily threw on a uniform and followed Sawyer’s lead. When Faraday said we couldn’t change the past/future, I believed him. I’ll trust whatever the group thinks. Unfortunately my group at the moment has been reduced to Sayid, who I don’t know much about besides the fact that he shot young Ben Linus and was recently dead. Kate’s also running around here somewhere. Oh wait, wasn’t she looking for the hot-but-crazy Australian chick? Maybe I should go check in with her instead. Let’s be honest, I’ll go wherever the action takes me. As long as I get to make some snarky quips along the way, I’m all good.

2) Well, against most odds (because let’s face it, I fail a lot) I have managed to find Claire alive. So score 1, Kate. Sure she’s a hot box of crazy right now, and she’s hanging out with someone who most certainly cannot be John Locke, but a crazy Claire is better than a dead Claire, right? I could try to grab her and make a run for it, but something tells me she’s not super ready for the “you’re completely insane and everything you think you’ve known for the last 3 years has been a lie . . . PS: I just wanted to remind you that I stole you baby, that he loves me, and that he has no idea who you are” conversation. Better to stick with this group for now, figure out what is going on, and work on a plan for extraction. Wait a sec, is that Sawyer in the back? Crap. I’m totally going to screw this up, aren’t I?

Ms Wendy @ It's About Bunnies!

1) If I'm thinking like Miles, I'm going to stick with the Jacob people, especially with this Ilana chick. She's pretty, tough, knows what's going on... and I dig her accent. Plus, it seemed like there was a brief moment that Miles was" listening" to something, possibly coming from the floor, right before Ilana kicked in the door. He might have been getting some "answers" there and wants to stick close to people who have a history with the Temple.

2) If I'm Kate, I'm still totally focused on reuniting Aaron and Claire. And unwisely or not, I'm still trusting Claire for saving my life...for now. But Kate's not completely out of it. She knew enough that when you're traveling into the heart of darkness with zombies, make sure to pick up shotgun on the way out.

Ernie @ Gulf Coast Offense

1) As Miles, no matter which way I choose to go, I know I'll have the funniest one liners out of the group. As far as this choice, it's an easy one, that Australian chick is still hot and while Sayid has an evil twitch in his eye now, I'm sticking with their group. I can talk with the dead and from what they tell me, being dead on the island isn't a fun proposition for me. The only person I'd be able to speak with is Hurley, so I'm going to take my chances and follow Sayid, Claire and the bald guy.

2) As Kate, my main goal in coming back to the island is to find Claire, so I'm right where I want to be, even though Claire seems a little off. I know this situation isn't ideal and not what I had hoped for. I mean, Locke is dead, yet here he is, once again leading a group of Others. I'm going to bide my time and get Claire away from here. Not sure how I'll do it yet because something is different about Claire. I know I can talk some sense in her and reunite her with Aaron. I'm not sure what this new Locke has promised her, but I know the truth about Aaron, and I will prove it to Claire. If we have to stay with new Locke to get off the island, that's what we'll do ... as long as I stay with Claire and get her home safely.

Benny @ Finally Lost

1) Dude this sucks! I shoulda got on that sub when I had the chance. I could of made some stock moves and placed a few sports bets and I would have been the Chinese Moe Green. But NOOO, I'm stuck in this damn temple with some guy from the cast of Big Trouble in Little Chinatown and his hippie translator. La Fleur's gone AWOL, Jin never came back and even Hurley left (although I'm kinda glad I don't have to try and explain to numb-nuts why the nuclear explosion was really the incident all along and whatever happened, happened!) I don't trust the Arab guy because he should be dead, so until I get some answers, or La Fleur returns, I'm not moving. Btw, would it really hurt any of these Hostile chicks to take a shower once in a while? After 3 years of no play in Dharmaville, digging up Naomi is looking like a viable option!

2) OK Kate, 5...4...3...2...1...Ok, let's just keep our cool and get Claire alone. She'll understand that I had to take Aaron because she left him in the jungle all alone. God Sawyer looked hott..ok Kate, focus! Maybe Claire didn't remember leaving Aaron behind, stranger things have happened on this island, like the time I got trapped in a cage with Sawyer yum!…Come on Kate, pull it together! You just out that Smoke monster thing is impersonating Locke and Claire is bff with it. I have to convince her to leave with me so we can find Sawyer and maybe get stuck in a net with him..dammit Kate this is what you get for shacking up with a guy that cries all the time. I'll just explain to Claire that I've had Aaron this whole time and he's safe and sound off the island with her mother. Then I'll convince her to leave the smoke monster and try and find a way off this island with me so I can reunite her with Aaron and so she can wash her hair.

Sagacious Penguin @ Stuff And Nonsense

1) If I were Miles at this point, I think I'd try to stick with the people I knew the best. Sucks for him that Jin, Sawyer, and Juliet are all gone at the point of decision. I think it's fortunate for him that Lapidus showed up when he did, and I would have done what Miles did and go with Lapidus. However, if there weren't an easy out I think at this point I would have gone with Locke and trusted Sayid. The Others simply give no worthwhile explanation for their silence and lack of explanations. I think a lot of crap could have been avoided by them if they had just come clean on a few things... but hopefully we'll soon find out why they're so consistently mum on everything. So far it's been their undoing! And were I Miles, I wouldn't trust the folks who don't talk to me.

2) Yeah, If I were Kate I would do everything in my power to isolate Claire, promise her Aaron and her mother (who Claire doesn't even yet know is OUT of her coma), and get the hell away from this madness. Her finding Sawyer on team-MIB is going to make things a lot trickier for her, however. He's gonna make the prospect of getting off-Island with the MIB palpable for her. And that's going to seem like it might be her best way to help Claire get off-island. Once she finds Sawyer and hears about the mass exodus that's being planned, I think she'll stick with the MIB... but without the Sawyer/Home influence Kate (and I role-playing as Kate) would so completely gone.

Chris @ SuperDuperStream

1) As Miles, I think my instinct is to go with the flow, however I'm getting some creepy/interesting vibes from this Temple and the death/rebirth that lives here. Be that as it may, the bottom line is that I don't want to die. I'm not one to be pushed around and bullied by threats (screw you Bram, you still owe me a fish taco!) (screw you Ben, you still owe me $3.2million!), so my choice is either go with the people who promised me safety, then beat me up, then let me play noughts and crosses, or go with the guy who promises me death, is probably dead himself and even when he was alive, he shoved a grenade in my damn mouth! I'm going with the voices, and the voices tell me Jacob and the Temple have mad resurrection skillz. At least if I die, there's hope for me yet in their camp.

2) As Kate, I'm beginning to rue the fact that I never told Claire that Aaron is with her de-coma-fied Mother at present, and that my sole reason for risking my life coming back to the Island was to get her to Aaron. I'm now beginning to think that, for some reason, she feels threatened by me, perhaps? Either way, I'm now pretty much alone with three psychotic ex-friends and a bunch of strange Others - I think I recognise one of them though, her with the kids. Maybe this won't be so bad, if I can make them all see reason and stop the slaughter. Until then, I'll do what I always have done - keep a hand on my gun and an eye on all the exits incase I need to make a run for it. But I've come this far, I'd rather take my chances and take Claire with me if I can.


  1. As ever, if you (or someone you know) is interested in joining the Lost Blogging Collective, send me an email at lostquestions23@gmail.com

    All the answers were too funny, too good, to choose a favourite =D however, here's some interesting stats for you - roughly speaking, 5 chose "team Jacob" for Miles and 5 chose "team Smokey" for him, while 5 chose "team Jacob" for Kate and, again, 5 of us chose "team Smokey" for Kate.

    Also, only 2 people - Ms Wendy (Jacob for Miles, Smokey for Kate) and Sagacious Penguin (Smokey for Miles, Jacob for Kate) chose different leaders for our two Losties.

    I found that EXACT split in opinion very interesting indeed :) what did you guys think of the answers? And what would you chose, as Miles or Kate?

  2. That exact split is fascinating! Shows how good the LOST writers are at keeping even the most well-versed of fans guessing like crazy.

  3. Hi Chris. Thanks for adding me to your Lost blog archives!! I am following yours now too. I am not sure how much time I can dedicate to the Lost Blogging Collective, but I will give it a try if you would like to include me. Happy Friday...only 4 days left till another epi!!!


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