Saturday, 13 March 2010

Self-Analysis - 2010 Q1

I am quite a junkie for analysis / statistics. Give me a good pie chart and I'm in heaven. As such, I will probably begin randomly throwing numbers and stats at you fine people - feel free to ignore me as I'm mostly indulging myself.

Over the past week, 50+ visitors have arrived here via search engines. Here's just some of the madcap terms they were looking for that brought them to this eclectic place:

  • aliens timeline ad jacob
  • analysis of belle et bete lyrics
  • consciousness game
  • darkufo vozzek69
  • dude, you've got some arzt on you
  • effy psychosis
  • ferris beuller is imaginary
  • interpretation of the real slim shady
  • jimmy fallon no guts no glory t shirt
  • kate sawyer
  • lost al trautwig
  • lost juliet
  • lost s6 e4 review
  • maturus puzzled
  • meaning of absence of sun in chinese whispers game
  • the idea of nature vs nurture is an obvious theme in the executioner's song
  • what fight's on stoke friday
Now, while a few of them are obviously in the wrong place (the guy looking for The Executioners; the guy looking for and some just sound like robots ('ad jacob'?; does Jimmy Fallon listen to Bolt Thrower?) I'm quite please by a few of them - 'kate sawyer' is such a generic term, I'd think searching for it would take you to a million different places before ending up here (it's not like I'm a great "shipper"). 'Darkufo vozzek69' I am most please with, as I consider those two of the biggest names in Lost fandom - to have a visitor arrive here looking for them is again inconceivable to me as I'm sure their names are all over the internet.

The three I'm most please with though are the 'Stoke' boxing, Skins 'effy psychosis' and 'ferris beuller is imaginary'. This is, currently, a Lost site more than anything else, but for people to find their way here looking for the other things (boxing, Skins, movie analysis) pleases me greatly, as the site will obviously be continuing on long after Lost as fell out of public fervour. (There were many 'effy' and 'ferris' terms that brought people here - I only published one of each, but there were around a dozen variations).

Well, this list interested me so I hope it may have interested a few of you :)

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