Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Weekly Website - The ODI


There was a time, a pre-Twitter, pre-Facebook time, when 'podcast' was the big media buzzword regarding the internet. Everyone and their uncle was having a go at podcasting, turning iTunes into a hit and miss rollercoaster much like an audio version of YouTube.

Now that the bandwagon has rolled on, few survivors are left in it's dusty wake. One of those survivors is The ODI. Each week, The ODI is joined by Karen of Karen's Lost Notebook and Danny aka Vozzek69 of Things I Noticed (both members of the Lost Blogging Collective).

These three take it in turns to dissect and bounce ideas off of one another regarding the latest Lost episode. At all times, these three provide great insight and illumination into each episode. Often their ideas are outrageous and they are soundly shooting down the more crazy theories, but everyone is given room to speak and each idea is explored no matter how crazy.

This adds up to a very friendly, professional, captivating experience which always leaves the listener entertained. The ODI makes great use of sound clips from each episode to break up the discussion and move on to the next 'chapter', and most podcasts end with a spoiler section which is, thankfully, well advertised for those who wish to remain spoiler free - if only all websites were as respectful to their various audiences as this!

These different elements combine together to create a 'show' that provides great value - the latest outing clocked in at over 2 hours, which for some may be too long, but for fans it is just right!

Of course, there is more to The ODI than simply the podcast - there's the usual plethora of videos, interviews, polls, contests, recaps etc that are found on most Lost aggregate sites (such as Room 23). However, where The ODI differs from many is in its occasional exclusives, such as a recent round-table discussion with Jeff "Doc" Jensen from Entertainment Weekly. This is truly a website that is as much for fans of Lost as it is for fans of fans of Lost! I cannot say enough good things about The ODI, so I will leave it at that and let you explore it yourself.

The only one drawback I do find with the website is that it can be a bit of a hassle navigating the various add-ons, buttons and menus, but if you persevere I think you'll find a website rich in content and enthusiasm, and one I whole-heartedly support.


  1. Thanks for the kind words Chris!

  2. I echo The ODI's sentiment!

  3. Me three!
    Thank you Chris, we truly appreciate it and are always around to share our LOSTNESS with all the Losties of the world.


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