Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Weekly Website - Not Confused, Just Lost

Not Confused, Just Lost

Not Confused, Just Lost is a Lost website that has been run by the very personable Izikavazo for almost two years now.

Generally speaking, NCJL is the first website out of all the Lost recappers to update following each episode, but that doesn't reflect in a lack of quality. Each week, Izi takes the time to review each episode and concentrate on every character, generally giving even the most minor background characters a few sentences about their appearance.

Izi's insights and observations are one of the most illuminating out there, but is also very entertaining, with a wide variety of images to compliment the writing.

In addition to this, the comments section forms an almost mini-community of about a half-dozen people who expand upon Izi's writings and chip in with ideas of their own, leading to plenty of great debates and discussions between the commentators - this is something rarely seen on many Lost blogs, who usually fall into the category of too few commentators, or too many commentators to facilitate discussion. Izi has luckily fell right in the middle ground, having gained the loyal support of just the right number of fans to produce such good discussion.

In addition to the "revylsis" as Izi calls them (review + analysis), there are plenty of other things to keep readers interested - many posts about theories, polls, analysis of the viewer ratings and the occasional video, among other things, break up the lull between the weekly revylsis quite nicely.

In summary, this is a well put together website from a very friendly writer, and is without doubt one of my absolute favourites.

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  1. Thank you very much Mister Christopher. Very flattering.


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