Thursday, 25 March 2010

Lost - Round-Up #5

Lost - Round-Up #5 - 9th March 2010 to 25th March 2010

To see what the Round-Up is all about, check out my previous editions.  Coming soon - YouTube Special.  If you have any relevant links, please let me know in the comments section!

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S6E7 - Dr Linus
Vozzek69 (LBC)

S6E8 - Recon
Vozzek69 (LBC)

S6E9 - Ab Aeterno

The Others
AJ - Sundown Recap (LBC)
DarkUFO - New Cast Group Promo Pix (LBC)
DarkUFO - Lost Slapdown Video #8 (LBC) 
Dispatches From The Island - Fan Art
Fishbiscuitland - Dr Linus non-Recap (LBC)
Geronimo Jack's Beard - Insider Knowledge
Gulf Coast Offense - A New Arrival (LBC)
Gulf Coast Offense - The Official Lost Podcast (LBC)
It's About Bunnies! - Podcast News (LBC) 
LongLiveLocke - March Contest Winner
Lyly Ford - Ab Aeterno Promo Pictures (LBC)
Lyly Ford - Cast Pictures (LBC)
Lyly Ford - Emilie De Ravin (LBC)
Lyly Ford - Hurley Bobble-Head (LBC)
Lyly Ford - Rebecca Mader Interview (LBC)
Nik At Nite - Recon Haiku Time (LBC)
Not Confused, Just Lost - On "Never Seen Lost" (LBC)
Room 23 - Lottery Contest (LBC)
Room 23 - Mark Pellegrino Interview (LBC)
Stream Of Consciousness - Donate To Autism Speaks (LBC)
Stream Of Consciousness - Ilana Profile (LBC)
Stream Of Consciousness - LBC Q&A Week 5 (LBC)
Stream Of Consciousness - LBC Q&A Week 6 (LBC)
Stream Of Consciousness - LBC Q&A Week 7 (LBC)
Stream Of Consciousness - Lost Round-Up #4 (LBC)
The Four Toed Foot - Meets Billy Dee Williams (LBC)

In this new section, I'd like to extend a heartfelt Thank You to the following bloggers for mentioning me in their blog!

Gulf Coast Offense, and again, @loster21's Tweets O' The Weekend, Devastate Boredom, Moving Fiction, Finally Lost, The Four Toed Foot, and to everyone for their continued support over these past three months of awesomeness!

While I fully support all 100+ links in this epic Round-Up, if I had to choose 3 that you absolutely must visit, it would be Fishbiscuitland's "Dr Linus", Shapusens On TV's "Recon" and Stuff And Nonsense's "Ab Aeterno".  Those three, in my mind, have been the highlight of the past 3 weeks of Lost blogging!

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