Monday, 15 March 2010

Lost - Where Are They Now - Ilana

In this new segment, I try to quickly recap (in a few paragraphs, or less) the history and current placement of all the main characters - consider this a quick "Best Of".


So much is unknown of Ilana - for starters, what's her surname? What we do know is that she's an unlucky bounty hunter who got caught up in all this madness while trying to bring Sayid to justice... no, scratch that, she is a shady operator trying to recruit everyone to join the 'third' group in this war... no, wait, she's actually more like Jacob's daughter.

So far what we know is that we know nothing - Ilana had a mysterious condition that caused her to be severely bandaged up; we don't know why. Jacob visited her and asked her to do something; we don't know what. Jacob seemed to not want to touch her; again, we don't know why. What little we do know is that she brought the body of John Locke to the Temple, she seems to know all the codes and secrets revolving around Jacob and Smokey (including that Smokey was using Jacob's cabin, that Smokey is stuck in Locke's form, "what lies in the shadow of the statue", and that Richard isn't his full name). At the moment, her main role is to protect the Candidates, however she seems willing to protect just about everyone else too - Ben, Frank, Miles. Protect them from what, and how, remains to be seen exactly - everything else is just guesswork.

Current physical location - Beach.
Current team members - Ben, Sun, Frank, Miles, Jack, Hurley, Richard, Jacob (deceased).

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