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Lost - Round-Up #4

Here is all that has been happening since our last Weekly Round-Up.


I have been quite busy this week - I've set up a Twitter and a Facebook (and have been trying to integrate both into the site template - bare with me while I test things out). I also finished a (in my opinion) fairly extensive look at Quantum Physics & Parallel Universes, which anyone interested in the 'alt' timeline might find interesting.

Most of my time this week will be spent doing other things, but expect a few good updates soon. I'm concentrating now more on the philosophical side of Lost, rather than just what we are seeing on TV, so expect more "essay" type posts along that train of thought.

(Also, much thanks to The Stuff Of Legend for his kind words in regards to this site!)

Lost Blogging Collective

This week we say "hello!" to Nik At Nite, our latest member of the LBC!

Week 4 of the LBC Q&A asked the questions; 1) What is Jack's "mission"? and 2) In the 'alt' timeline, do you think Ben, Ethan and Dogen are just regular people, or are these some undercover Others? Find out the answers here. You can also check out Finally Lost's write-up of the Q&A here.

Week 5 asks; 1) You are Miles. Sayid has burst into the Temple and asks you to choose - pick Jacob and stay within the Temple with the people that have kidnapped you, tortured you and mysteriously told you to stay put, on the promise of 'safety', or pick Smokey and go on a vague journey with a monster that has promised to kill everyone and anyone who disagrees with him. Should you stay or should you go? Who do you trust at this point? and 2) You are Kate. You have found yourself far from home following three people you thought were your friends - one is a zombie monster, one is a lunatic and the other has recently caused the death of many and is trying to convince you to follow the zombie monster so that all your dreams can come true. All you want to do is grab the lunatic and make a run for it. What do you do? What CAN you do? Answers will be published tomorrow, found here.


Episode 5 - Lighthouse (audio)
Geronimo Jack's Beard
Jay & Jack Wednesday
Jay & Jack Friday

Episode 6 - Sundown (audio)
Geronimo Jack's Beard
Jay & Jack Wednesday
Jay & Jack Friday

Episode 6 - Sundown (video)
Al Trautwig (via The ODI)

Plus more. Also, check out It's About Bunnies! podcast recap for EVEN MORE Podcast action.

Episode Recaps/Analysis

Episode 5 - Lighthouse
Knittnfool (LBC)
SuperDuperStream (LBC)
TheFourToedFoot (LBC)
Vozzek69 (LBC)

Episode 6 - Sundown
Finally Lost (LBC)
Includes a great discussion on whether we should be following Jacob or Smokey.
Fishbiscuitland (LBC)
FBL pulls a fantastic long con on us this week - just as you think the recap is over, FBL hits you square in the face with one of the most fantastic analysis I've ever read. Major kudos.
Gulf Coast Offense (LBC)
It's About Bunnies! (LBC)
Karen's Lost Notebook (LBC)
Knittnfool (LBC)
Great write-up - answers, speculation, observations, quotes. (Plus, "McKeamy"!)
Not Confused, Just Lost (LBC)
Shapusens On TV (LBC)
Stuff And Nonsense (LBC)
"Sayid's internal monologue" is one of the funniest things I've read this week.
SuperDuperStream (LBC)
The Stuff Of Legend (LBC)
Some great, fast observations.
Vozzek69 (LBC)
Get Lost With Jopinionated
Never Seen Lost
As I posted the other day, Never Seen Lost is a brilliantly unique blog written by a fan who has never seen seasons 1 to 5!
Nomad (via DocArzt)

Some over-arching theories/thoughts across the blogs - Smokey is echoing Ben - promises of answers, Magic Box symbolism, has been described as 'evil incarnate' and 'going to kill every living thing on the Island'; Smokey = Satan, Jacob = God (although not necessarily Evil and Good); Jacob's offer to Dogen is too similar to Smokey's offer to Sayid; Kate was on Smokey's cave wall (but production error led to her being cut in editing); Omar was conning Sayid - Keamy never mugged him; Sayid either couldn't kill Smokey because he spoke, or because Sayid is already too evil (hence why Dogen called for Jack or Hurley first); all this fire & water symbolism will become highly important; Matthew Fox has a clause in his contract that states he must appear in every episode; Keamy works for Charles Widmore; Jin was delivering the watch to Keamy; the 'alt' timeline is the manifestation of the promises Jacob and Smokey have made - Jack, Locke, Dogen, Hurley, Rose all relatively happy (Jacob promises), while Kate technically hasn't killed Wayne and Sayid technically has Nadia back, they remain unhappy (Smokey promises) - where does this leave Claire and Charlie?

The Others

DarkUFO - Lost Encyclopedia
The Lost Encyclopedia is the first, and most likely only, official companion book to Lost. However, if this is a mere print version of Gregg Nation's "Lost Bible", expect plotholes and mistakes in abundance.
DarkUFO - Season 6 Episode Grade Chart
Dispatches From The Island - Chile Appeal
Dispatches From The Island - Paella BBQ!
Karen's Lost Notebook - ABC's Promo Competition Entry (see below)
Nik At Nite - More Photoshop Fun!
Nik At Nite - Sundown Haikus
Not Confused, Just Lost - Good vs Evil - Jacob & Smokey
Izi continues the excellent GvE series by looking at Jacob and Smokey's past actions to determine where their morality lies.
Room23 - ABC's Ultimate Lost Fan Competition
The ODI - Emilie De Ravin on Jimmy Fallon
The Stuff Of Legend - SuperDuperStream Review
What About Me? - Episode 7 Preview
WAM? is a Michael "Ben" Emerson-centric fan blog, and a really great Lost aggregate site.

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